TenGenix Review and Analysis

TenGenix Review and Analysis

Learn all you need to know about TenGenix in Healthy American Male’s TenGenix review and analysis.


At Healthy American Male, we’ve always had a special interest towards male enhancement products. With hundreds of products available today, we have taken it upon ourselves to help men identify which products to take, and which products to stay away from. We have established a reputation for providing unbiased reviews, as well as informative insights about supplements and other products. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at TenGenix, a new male enhancement supplement that has popped up in various forums and review aggregate websites.

TenGenix promises customers the benefit of having a bigger penis, a stronger libido, and a lasting stamina in the bedroom. While these are common benefits that male enhancement products claim to achieve, TenGenix ups the ante by having 10 benefits that they claim to be able to provide with just a single product.

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Based on our experience with male enhancement supplement products, penis enlargement is the hardest to achieve. Penis enlargement is a calculated process more than anything else, and TenGenix claims to have that down as a part of their numerous benefits. While we are inclined to say that this is all just a waste of your time, we have read some of the reviews that users wrote about TenGenix, and some of it were convincing enough to spark our intrigue about TenGenix. We knew that we had to get our hands on TenGenix, but at the time, TenGenix was still not available in the market. We had to use certain connections to help us track down the supplier and get a batch of the product for ourselves. The following details discuss our experience with TenGenix and why you should seriously consider TenGenix as your go-to male enhancement pill.

TenGenix benefits

TenGenix BottleThe most intriguing thing about TenGenix is its 10 benefits. The three major benefits of size, stamina, and sexual desire are all clearly explained on their website. TenGenix claims to be able to help men increase size by as much as 2 inches in just a short period of time. TenGenix also claims to help increase libido and improve sexual endurance in men.

If you carefully examine the ingredients in the formula, you can dissect why these ingredients were chosen. The TenGenix formula is a mixture of testosterone boosters, hormone balancers, and vasodilators. All of these ingredients work together in perfect harmony to achieve better results than most male enhancement supplements.

Buy TenGenixTenGenix uses various approaches to ensure that every man’s sexual health needs are met. While size, sexual desire, and stamina are all great benefits to have from a male enhancement supplement, other benefits such as pheromones, decreased mental and sexual fatigue, and improved response to sexual stimulus all contribute to a man’s holistic sexual health.

The main component of TenGenix is its APEX technology, or Accelerated Penile Expansion technology.  This technology is a well-calculated process, which is a lot more like a chain of events that create a snowball effect to achieve penis enlargement. The APEX technology first prepares your body for the ingredients of TenGenix, and after which the vasodilators and the aphrodisiacs work their magic to gradually expand the penile chambers to develop a bigger penis.


The individual TenGenix ingredients are the typical ingredients that you see in male enhancement supplements. While the individual ingredients alone may not make the product appear special, it’s the combination of ingredients, with the focus on the right ratio of ingredients, which makes the TenGenix formula one of a kind. In a nutshell, the ingredients are calculated to work together to achieve better results than any other pill on the market today. Here are the ingredients of TenGenix:

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L-Arginine is a precursor to Nitric Oxide, which causes blood vessels to dilate. Vasodilation has a critical role to play in the formula of TenGenix. Through vasodilation, an increased volume of blood flows to the penis in the event of an erection. Over time, the penile chambers adapt to the increased volume of blood, causing the penile chambers to expand and as a result, the penis becomes longer and thicker. L-Arginine is a common bodybuilding ingredient to increase vascularity and enhance strength, recovery, pump, and endurance. TenGenix uses an ultra-concentrated form of L-Arginine to create the conditions to make penis enlargement possible.

Tongkat Ali

Buy TenGenixTongkat Ali has been used for decades as a potent aphrodisiac. In the 90s, people called Tongkat Ali the Asian Viagra as it was a popular alternative to the then-new erectile dysfunction drug. Tongkat Ali has a special role in TenGenix as it is the ingredient that binds all the effects of the other ingredients. Aside from its role as an aphrodisiac, Tongkat Ali also acts as a natural PDE-5 inhibitor, which allows it to mimic the effects of Viagra. It also has an ability to inhibit free calcium to prevent the penis from going flaccid in the middle of sexual intercourse. Tongkat Ali works in synergy with the other aphrodisiacs in the formula and L-Arginine to make penis enlargement possible.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulusterrestris is commonly found in bodybuilding supplements that are intended to increase testosterone. As a side effect, the increased testosterone also improves a man’s sexual desire. TribulusTerrestris is mainly responsible for increasing the response of the user to sexual stimulus. It is also one of the three natural pde-5 inhibitors in the formula which potentiates erections in a short period of time.


MuiraPuama is a potent aphrodisiac which can be quickly absorbed in the body. MuiraPuama has a pivotal role in the APEX technology, as it is the first ingredient absorbed by the body. MuiraPuama increases testosterone upon absorption, and this sets the conditions to alleviate erectile dysfunction and make penis enlargement possible. MuiraPuama is also a pde-5 inhibitor which helps potentiate erections for men who experience erectile dysfunction.

Maca root

Maca root is probably the dark horse in the formula. While it does not necessarily contribute to penis enlargement, it fulfils an important role in ensuring that the user gains full control over their orgasm. Maca root helps by inhibiting key neurotransmitters that control the man’s libido after experiencing an orgasm. With maca root, it would be possible for men to have orgasms in a row like women.

Is TenGenix Effective?

Tengenix Male Enhancement
TenGenix is probably one of the most effective formulas available on the market today. Not only experts, critics, and actual users agree – TenGenix has a bucketload of evidence to support that the formula works. The TenGenix formula is inspired by a number of technologies and studies dedicated to improving the sexual health of men, and  by combining these technologies, the makers of TenGenix had uncovered the best formula to answer all of the sexual health needs of men.

While TenGenix works as a fast-acting pill, its long-term effects are the reason why people take it. Penis enlargement, while not instant, is still amazingly fast compared to other pills that have exhibited the same effects. Libido and sexual endurance may not be measured, but actual users have tested TenGenix extensively and came up with the conclusion that TenGenix definitely affects their sexual desire and stamina positively.

When taking TenGenix, it is best to set realistic expectations for the product. It won’t make your penis bigger in one day, but with continuous use, you can expect your penis to get bigger in no time. Of course, the results vary, but we’re pretty sure that you would be amazed at what TenGenix can do for you.

How much is TenGenix?

TenGenix is not only one of the most effective male enhancement formulas that we have ever encountered; it’s also one of the most affordable ones on the market today. At just a little more than a dollar per day, you can take TenGenix. Bulk buying is also a great option as it can lower the price down to $1/dose or even $0.40 per dose. TenGenix is available online on their website at www.tengenix.com in three packs – a single one month supply, a 3-month supply, and a 6-month. As you purchase more units un bulk, the more you could save.

TenGenix Guarantee

Like any other confident products in the market today, TenGenix offers a 30-day money back guarantee on purchases made on their website. In the off chance that you would not be satisfied with the benefits of TenGenix, you are free to contact their friendly customer service team to ask for a refund. We never had to call and ask for a refund, but from what we have read online, their staff really know how to take care of their customers, regardless if they are looking to get their money back.

If you really want a new experience with male enhancement pills, TenGenix is your best bet. Not only is TenGenix a new product, it can also change your understanding of what you should expect from your male enhancement pills.

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