10 Situations When She’s More Than Willing to Say Yes to Sex

by Healthy American Male Staff
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Traditionally, men are expected to initiate sex, which gives them the advantage to take every opportunity whenever they feel like hitting the sack. Though sex in this modern day has started to take another shape, some women are still reluctant to take the initiative despite increased sex drive.

You read it right. There are times when women’s sex drives are at a loose but they try to keep their composure to avoid sex shaming, which can inevitably happen at times. Respect is important to women. As much as possible, they stay on the safe side and avoid doing things that can bring unacceptable consequences, even if it means they have to repress oozing libidos.

Every time their hormones go frantic inside them, all women can do is give out some subtle cues. On the other hand, there are bold women out there who don’t have problems with initiating sex. Whenever they feel kinky, they do the obvious things that could lead to steamy sex.

Since not all women have this boldness, we will give you specific situations where you won’t need to put in extra effort to initiate sex. You also don’t have to worry about her orgasm because it’s just there waiting to come out even before you start touching her. One last note, don’t let this chance pass you by because you won’t ever hear her saying, I’m not in the mood.

1. Being more creative than usual

We all have this creative genius in us. Only that it doesn’t come out without an inspiration that can trigger it. Once these creative juices start flowing, we can go with the flow and become our best selves. When we feel good within, it extends outside making us feel empowered to do everything.

This means your partner is in the mood to do everything once she’s displaying her creative pitch. Need more clues? It happens when she’s in the kitchen cooking a new menu that’s created especially for you. Or, it can be a time when she’s redecorating your bedroom and transforming it into a more intimate and sexier place.

couple fighting and screaming2. After arguing with you

Arguments and conflicts are part of a normal relationship. Without one, it can mean either of you is submissive to please the other while trying to repress one’s needs. But, of course, you have to pick your battles well because not all conflicts are worth the time and emotions.

She rarely says no to having a sexy time once an argument has been resolved. This is because coming to a common ground means the relationship matters more than anything. It means neither of you is willing to give up on each other.

Besides, after releasing all her emotions during the fight, she’s come up with a lighter chest. She feels she’s being loved and cared for once you start embracing and kissing her, which likely to lead to hot sex.

3. Being absent for a long time

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”; this may sound like a cliché but is always true. Being away from each other for a long time creates excitement and anticipation for the time when you two will finally meet again. She will miss you the same way you miss her that you feel like devouring each other once you’re united.

4. After partying and endless dancing

Parties are unexplainably fun. When fun, a bit of alcohol, and dancing are mixed together, your inhibitions will surely go away. And this will likely lead to a more fun time in the bedroom.

5. Being single for quite a while

Being single could not mean she’s not having sex. Some women might find excitement in one-night stands but choose to shy away from commitment. But there are also women who don’t prefer casual sex. Despite not having sex for quite a while, they remain single and wait for the right partner to come. And once they find you as a potential mate, their sex hormones will start rejoicing.

6. When her body is preparing for ovulation

A woman’s libido is at its peak right before ovulation, which is a period when the ovary releases a mature egg into the fallopian tube for fertilization. Increasing her libido during this period is nature’s way of preparing her body to get pregnant. What’s more compelling, during this period a woman is more attractive than usual.

Research says a woman’s increased desire could last for about six days, which means you have enough time to take advantage of her most erotic times.

7. After watching a sexy movie

Movies can leave an imprint in a moviegoer’s mind. At least, it’s how they’re designed to be. When it comes to sexy movies, there might be scenes that continue to linger in your partner’s mind. A slight touch or a sexy rub may do the trick to have her give sex a go.

8. Being in stressful situations

naked couple sex after workSex after a stressful day can go in two ways. It can either rob your partner of her sexual desires or it can be a way of de-stressing her.

Numerous studies have revealed that sex can eliminate stress-related headaches. Give your partner a back rub or an erotic massage on her head when she’s stressed. After going through challenging things, the relaxation she gets will remind her that she deserves the best things in life including good sex.

9. Feeling a pang of jealousy

Some naughty women find fun in making another woman jealous by flirting with her man in her presence. The jealousy she feels might make you feel good about yourself but don’t overdo it by returning the other woman’s teasing acts. It might be a cause for a petty argument. Instead, let your partner feel special and beautiful by giving her more of your attention amidst the amorous advances of other girls.

Upon reaching home, she’ll surely give you a thank you gift through steamy sex, which is also her way of reminding you that she can do better than any other woman out there.

10. Getting attracted to you

Both men and women can get attracted to another person. The difference is, as a man, you’re more able to express your attraction through your actions or even words while women can only give cues. But when a woman is physically attracted to you, she may put on more effort to make you find her way. And nothing can stop you when you both feel the same sexual connection and magnetism.

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