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Reaching your goals isn’t about being the person who wakes up the earliest. It’s not about toiling away at your goals all day and beating yourself up about your progress. No, reaching your goals and improving your self-confidence is about being consistent. Each day you should commit to a small chunk of your goals and complete this small chunk. As you show up every day for your goals and dreams, you will see them start to come to life. Just lay down one brick and eventually, the entire house will be built.

Here are some advantages you can get when you decide to consistently focus on three things.


When you add consistency to your life, this allows you to keep your willpower because when you place the things you want to accomplish into your day, you do not have to make any decision on whether or not you are going to do them. You just do them. A lot of the time, deciding if you feel like doing something, saps a lot of your willpower, and so you may end up not completing this task. Save your willpower and commit to these three goals.


an expert doing a reportWhen you lack consistency, this can wear on your self-confidence because you remain an amateur. As you add these items to your life, over time you will steadily see your progress. Eventually, with repeated practice, you will go from a beginner to an intermediate to an expert. And, as you have built a consistent pattern, you will only grow more adept at this activity.


Consistency saves willpower. With this extra willpower, you may have more energy to give more than you would normally. Others may notice your ambitious attitude and look to you as a reliable, confident person, who knows what he wants. This can give you a lot of brownie points in whatever circle you are in, which can lead to long-term connections.


When you are set on consistency, you may have to find many creative ways to keep these activities in your life. Everyday life gets in the way and can easily push you away from these activities that you are set on doing consistently. Whether you have to stay up late or wake up earlier, you can boost your creativity by finding new ways to keep these activities in your daily routine.


When you stick with activities, rather than giving up after a short time, this boosts your self-esteem. You learn that you are a person who can pursue something for a long time. This helps you see your potential and you get the pleasure of seeing your progress. As you add more consistency in your life, you can enjoy the feeling of truly being able to say, “I’m not a quitter.”


Often, being consistent in one area pushes you to be consistent in other areas. Staying with a few activities over the long term can lead to a different mindset where you are a consistent person. As your mindset changes, you may learn that you have always had the ability to live a steady life, but did not know how to get started.


As you stick with a few areas, your family and friends may take notice of your hard work and consistency. This can lead to positive interactions with them as they see you taking charge of your life. You may be the person who inspires them to change their lives and pursue their dreams. But if that doesn’t happen, you can still improve your reputation and self-image through consistent study. The goal is to change yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you can cultivate better relationships with others.


It’s always better to do more, not less. As you do more in these areas, you will become better at these activities. Increased practice and consistency makes this inevitable. Each day you show up and do these activities you have decided to place in your daily life, you are setting yourself up to become an expert. This can lead to a big boost in both your skills and self-esteem. If 10,000 hours is what is needed to master a subject, you are well on your way when you choose to be consistent.


happy family bondingNot only will consistency improve these few areas that you have chosen, but it will also enhance other areas. You may also keep your home cleaner, take your dog out for more walks, or play with your children on a regular basis. When you are committed to a few activities no matter what, this can increase your self-love. These small daily routines (30 minutes or an hour), though the duration depends on you, can help you see yourself in a positive light.


When you don’t live up to the expectations you set for yourself, you may feel a lot of shame and guilt. You may constantly—dare I say, consistently—put yourself down. Not sticking to activities can make you feel as if you are unable to keep at these activities. As you incorporate a few items into your life, consistently, these feelings of shame and guilt will fade because you are becoming the successful and consistent person you would like to be.

Your barometer for success is your own. When you begin to consistently reach those goals, you will become a successful person and reap the rewards of your hard work and consistency.

The road can be long when you are first starting out, but sticking to an endeavor is an excellent way to prove that you can commit to something.

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