4 Ways To Get A Six-Pack

by Jessica Lakes

 If, even after several months of trying, you still can’t see your abs, it’s pretty easy to get down in the dumps about it and wonder where you’re going wrong.

It’s easy to get frustrated and think your body just sucks. Maybe you become paranoid and think God is purposely keeping you chubby “for a laugh.” Maybe you get even more paranoid and think there is a magic pill you’re missing out on and the reason everyone else has got a six-packs is because they ingest this magic six pack pill.

But before you go completely crazy and write to the government about magic pills, and before you go and check out some of the best muscle building supplements 2015, we’re here to tell you that you need a change in mindset. A complete change. Losing your belly fat is not an easy process, and it requires more time and more dedication than you’ve probably been giving it.

Perhaps you’ve been taking days off now and then, assuming there’s nothing wrong with this. You know, you lied in one morning and watched TV in bed instead of working out. You thought this was fine, you’ll get back on it tomorrow.

It wasn’t fine and it’s the reason you’re still fat. What you need to do is to shake off the bad habits and develop these 4 good habits.

Wake Up With Water 

When we work for 8 hours, we have regular drinks. Coffee, tea, water, juice.

Imagine if we worked for 8 hours a day and didn’t have a single drink? We’d be pretty thirsty!

Well, you sleep for 8 hours a night don’t you? So you’ve gotta wake up and drink some water straight away. German scientists have concluded that this will give your metabolism a 24% kick in the balls. Perfect.

Never Skip Breakfast 

Breakfast is the king of champions, yet so many people skip it. Studies have recently come in from the University of Massachusetts that if you skip breakfast, you’re 4 times more likely to become fat.

This is largely because guys who skip breakfast go on to snack on chocolate and various other junk throughout the day to stay filled up.

Go To Bed Early 

The Late Late Show has just launched in a new format, fronted by Brit James Corden. It’s funny, isn’t it? He’s an appealing, witty guy and you think this is the type of show you could watch regularly.

Skip it. Go to bed early. If you don’t get much sleep, your hormones are given else of a chance to burn your fat.

Monitor Your Diet and Goals 

A good way of combining the two is by packing your own lunch. This way, you’re not caught short at lunch. You know, you don’t have to pop into the local Burger King because it’s “the only option.” Instead, you’re armed with your nutritious pack lunch that corresponds to your six-pack goals. You’re in control and you’re loving it.

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