5 Amazing Ways Tribulus Terrestris Enhances Your Sexual Health

by Healthy American Male Staff

Recent studies show that Tribulus terrestris can help prevent and treat various cardiovascular health issues as well as diabetes. But these are not the only health benefits offered by Tribulus terrestris. It’s also known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-tumor effects.

Tribulus terrestris, a time-tested herbal remedy for various ailments, is extremely popular for its benefits on male sexual function. Learn about how your sex life can improve by taking Tribulus terrestris.

  1. Improving Sexual Function

Tribulus terrestris is so effective in improving sexual function, it can even help postmenopausal women to regain their lost sexual desire. For men, Tribulus terrestris is also highly aphrodisiac due to its testosterone-boosting properties.

Both in animal studies and human clinical trials, Tribulus terrestris has consistently been proven to have positive effects on erectile dysfunction. When compared with other herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction, Tribulus terrestris was shown to be even more effective than ashwagandha or Mucuna pruriens.

  1. Improvement in Fertility

Tribulus terrestris is not only great for increasing your testosterone levels or improving your erectile function, but it’s also a great herbal remedy for enhancing male fertility. Studies indicate that extracts derived from Tribulus terrestris can promote spermatogenesis.

These positive effects on your sperm production are manifested in various ways. For instance, Tribulus terrestris can help increase the tubular height and volume of your seminiferous epithelium. Tribulus terrestris can also increase the volume of Leydig cells, which are in charge of your testicular testosterone production.

In animal studies wherein there was induced damage to the reproductive organs of the subject mice, Tribulus terrestris has also been shown to help restore the weights of the sex organs as well as the sperm motility, sperm count, and sperm viability.

Tribulus terrestris can also help restore seminal fructose levels, serum testosterone levels, and antioxidant enzyme levels. All these positive effects on the reproductive organs can lead to increased fertility.

Even in sperm that was stored for in vitro fertilization, the addition of Tribulus terrestris extracts resulted in significantly improved sperm motility and overall sperm viability. The protective effects of Tribulus terrestris on sperm health are attributed to the flavonoid antioxidants found in Tribulus terrestris.

  1. Libido-Enhancing Activity

Because of its ability to restore and increase testosterone levels, Tribulus terrestris also has beneficial effects on your libido. Even for women, Tribulus terrestris also has potent libido-enhancing effects.

Studies involving postmenopausal women also indicate that Tribulus terrestris can help them bring their sexual desire levels back up. Tribulus terrestris was even shown to help treat postmenopausal women who were suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

  1. Improvement in Cardiovascular Health

Tribulus terrestris can help you avoid and even treat various cardiovascular diseases. Through various molecular pathways, Tribulus terrestris can benefit people suffering from myocardial ischemia and myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injuries.

Tribulus terrestris has been shown to have positive effects on coronary flow and heart function. Tribulus terrestris can also help protect you against atherosclerosis. These positive effects on heart health and coronary flow are mainly attributed to the antioxidant action of Tribulus terrestris.

Improving your cardiovascular health is another mechanism by which Tribulus terrestris helps you manage your erectile dysfunction. If your heart and blood vessels are not functioning properly or are unhealthy, your erectile function will also be impaired.

That’s because your ability to achieve erections is greatly influenced by how much blood your heart can pump into the corpus cavernosa in your penis. Your ability to maintain your erection, on the one hand, is influenced by how well your corpus cavernosa can keep the blood trapped inside them.

  1. Antidiabetic Activity

Another mechanism by which Tribulus terrestris helps you maintain your sexual health is by protecting you against diabetes, a metabolic disorder that can cause a lot of damage to your penile blood vessels and nerves.

When those tiny and sensitive nerves and blood vessels are damaged because of hyperglycemia, it can also result in erectile dysfunction. That’s because your body’s erection mechanism is also regulated by nerve signals from your penis to your brain and vice versa.

Saponins found in Tribulus terrestris have been shown to inhibit increases in blood glucose levels. In addition, Tribulus terrestris has also been shown to cause improvements in the symptoms associated with diabetes.

Maximizing the Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

Among the many herbs used for the treatment of male sexual problems, Tribulus terrestris is one of the most well-studied. This is also one of the reasons why this herb is so popular among men, especially those who are taking male sex enhancement supplements.

What you can do to fully reap the benefits of Tribulus terrestris is to take all-natural male sex enhancement supplements which contain Tribulus terrestris and other herbs that are known to benefit male sexual health.

That’s because Tribulus terrestris is an absorption enhancer, so it can work in synergy with other natural pro-sexual herbs. This is one of the reasons why this is an effective male sex enhancement supplement. Other ingredients contained in these supplements work hand in hand with Tribulus terrestris to enable you to achieve bigger erections faster.

It contains maca, Butea superba, and horny goat weed. Aside from Tribulus terrestris, these three herbs have also been the subject of many scientific studies in relation to their pro-sexual properties.

Maca, for instance, is another herb that has traditionally been used as a tonic for improving male virility. Its current use as a treatment for erectile dysfunction is also science-backed. Maca has also been shown to have beneficial effects on male fertility, just like Tribulus terrestris.

It also contains Tongkat Ali, which also works in synergy with the other herbal ingredients of these supplements. While Tribulus terrestris, maca, Butea superba, and horny goat weed facilitate erections through improved penile blood flow, Tongkat Ali prevents you from becoming flaccid, thereby allowing you to retain your erection for longer periods of time.

In addition, these amazing herbal ingredients found in these supplements also help increase your testosterone levels, restore your libido, and even enhance your fertility. Just like Tribulus terrestris, maca and Tongkat Ali can also help increase your sperm count and improve your sperm motility.

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