5 Sex Positions for When Men Have Lower Back Pain

by Jessica Lakes

The problem with feeling horny is that it doesn’t abate even if your body doesn’t quite want sex. Sometimes you just see your partner lying there and you can’t help but want to rip their clothes off. If you have back problems, you will know that no matter your urges, sometimes you just can’t bear the pain. While this means you can’t get your leg over, it also may be causing problems in your relationship as a lack of intimacy can often cause distance between you and your partner. Never fear; there are certain sex positions which can be used even when your back is in pain, so you don’t have to give up the pleasure due to the terrible pain!

 Firstly, you need to think about whether your back is more painful when you bend forward or back. Those with problems bending backward have extension intolerant backs, which require different sex positions to those with problems bending forward, or flexion-intolerant backs.

 1. Cowgirl – Both

preview-full-shutterstock_432156583In order to stop your spine from hurting too much, you need to keep your spine in a neutral position. This means that missionary is out of the question as the thrusting motion means you need to constantly flex your spine. However, if you try cowgirl, but as her legs straddle you, place a cushion under the small of your back. This will help to support the back and give it the feel of neutrality. With her on top, she does most of the movement, which stops your back from flexing too vivaciously.

2. Doggy style – Both

Doggy style is a pretty good position for either type of bad back. This is because as she has a steady frame on all fours, you can use your hands to pull her back and forward, limiting your thrust motion. This prevents the lower back from having to flex so much.

 3. Lotus – Flexion-Intolerant

 The lotus position allows you both to equally take the strain. You need to sit cross legged and have her wrap her legs around you. While it may seem that this position keeps your back straight, her movement will inevitably bend you backward a little. Try sitting closer to a wall so she can use her hands against it to push up and down. This will prevent your back from jerking around.

 4. Spooning – Extension-Intolerant

preview-full-shutterstock_518499061For those who have problems with bending back, spooning is a great position to prevent that kind of back pain. Have her lay in front of you while you curl around her body. The curling of the lower back will release some tension, while you both move in sync to create the thrust motions. Be aware that this can sometimes be difficult as the friction of the sheets can make it slightly harder to move.

 5. Low Doggy Style to Knee – Flexion-Intolerant

Imagine doing doggy style, but have her put her head closer to the mattress, resting on her forearms. This will create the angle for you to thrust your penis deeply inside of her without having to bend your lower back. Bring her back on to your knee and lean back on to your heels. This will bend your back in a more backward direction, preventing you from jarring it forward, while she bounces to give the penetrative movements, limiting your lower back motion.

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