5 Superfoods to Supercharge Your Erections

by Kelly McBeth

Most of us are aware that a healthy lifestyle leads to a better life. Exercising, having enough hours of sleep, and, of course, eating a healthy diet are all recommendations that we hear not only from our doctors but all over the internet.

Now, how often do you follow this advice? I mean, let’s be honest, some of us hear this and brush it off.

We go to sleep late at night, after playing Call of Duty for hours, while eating chips and chugging down a six-pack of beer, to wake up early the following day to start our day of work. We think to ourselves, “Yes, I should probably lead a healthier lifestyle, but maybe I start when COVID is over.” Am I right?

But what if I told you that a healthy diet could help your sex life? What if eating the right types of foods could improve your sexual drive and increase your performance? Would you pay more attention to what you eat?

Some of you might be thinking that there are already many enhancement pills on the market which already do the trick. But why would you take these if changing some eating habits could do the hard work for you?

If you are interested in keeping your partner happy for longer or looking to improve current performance issues, improving your blood flow and keeping your heart healthy will do just that.

Because our penises with blood pressure, heart health is penis health, and as long as we keep our blood pressure in check, we will improve our performance.

If you are unsure where to start, here is a list of five superfoods to take when to get your mojo working – and get Space Mountain up and finally running.



Watermelon does have a sexual meaning – both in Harry Stiles’s famous song and everyday life.

And for good reason.

Watermelon should be a go-to fruit for enhancing your sexual performance because it boosts cGMP levels which helps the vessels in our penis dilate, and thus increasing proper blood flow.

Watermelon will boost cGMP by stimulating nitric oxide, which comes from arginine produced by citrulline. Citrulline is found in ample amounts where? You guessed it, watermelon.

So, all jibber jabber aside, and if the science behind it doesn’t interest you, all you need to know is that one daily serving of watermelon will help you in improving your sexual performance by reducing blood pressure and increasing penis blood flow.

How do you incorporate more watermelon in your foods, you may ask? Make some delicious watermelon juice during summer, or a watermelon salad, or you could just eat the damn watermelon—your call.


Whole wheat pasta 

While an excellent dish of pasta Bolognese with the traditional pasta is delicious, you might want to consider substituting the white pasta for a whole wheat alternative.

White pasta, while delicious, is made with white flour, an ingredient that has been stripped away from its nutrients and, most importantly, from the fiber. It’s a carbohydrate with no other benefit than pleasing yourself.

Whole wheat pasta, on the contrary, still preserves fiber which, according to studies, “plays an anti-inflammatory role” in our bodies. Inflammation leads to high blood pressure, which reduces blood flow and, in turn, has the vessels of your penis struggle for proper blood flow.

So, if you are looking to increase your penile resistance, you may want to substitute all white pasta for whole wheat alternatives. And while you’re at it, consider changing white bread for whole wheat bread, white cereal for whole wheat cereal, and white flour for, you guessed it, whole wheat flour.


Nuts and seeds

Nuts are a great source of healthy fats. They “contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients,” which are heart health-promoting.

Nuts may lower the “bad” cholesterol, known as LDL, the culprit for making the walls of our arteries hard and narrow.

Nuts have the “good” kind of cholesterol known as HDL, which takes the “bad” cholesterol from your arteries and into your liver. And as we already know, what is healthy for your heart is beneficial for your penis, so higher HDL levels mean less clogged up arteries and more blood flow.

Now be aware that Nuts are high in calories, so keep in mind that you should eat them in moderation. A handful of almonds every day is a perfect snack to keep you satisfied.


Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is not only an excellent ingredient for having a sensual night with your partner but eating it will also help your heart.

Dark chocolate contains about 50%-90% cocoa solids which are known to contain flavanols. Flavanols are plant chemicals which, you guessed it, may protect your heart.

This fantastic food will stimulate nitric oxide production, which will relax your blood vessels and improve blood flow, just like watermelon may do.

Having improved blood flow in our vessels means having good blood flow in our penises, which allows us to stay harder, longer.



Bananas are delicious, a great source of nutrients, and promote overall heart health. What’s not to love?

Bananas are a great source of the mineral potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure by getting rid of sodium through the urine. When sodium is present in high quantities, it increases blood pressure. Higher blood pressure reduces blood flow and thus has the vessels of your penis struggling.

Eating one banana a day might help not only your penis but also your weight. You could even combine this delicious food with some melted dark chocolate for a mouth-watering dessert.

Now that you know some foods that can improve your sexual performance don’t let your penis head in the wrong direction by avoiding these simple tips.

Stock up your pantry with these delicious and nutritious foods and make a delightful and romantic platter with dark chocolate, buts, and fruits. You, your penis, and your partner will be thankful you did.

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