7 Best Ways to Lose Weight for Men above 50

by Kelly McBeth
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As we grow older and older, our metabolism starts to slow down. The body will not be able to metabolize fat a lot more than it did when you were younger. This is especially true for men who reach the age of 50. As you may notice, most men end up with a classic beer belly and a blooming “dad bod”. Frustration might suddenly creep but fear not as there are more ways you can lose the fat that lingers around your sunken muscles.



Tips to get back in shape lose those extra pounds


Try to lessen junk foods


Junk foods like gum, fried fast food, pizza, and carbonated beverages when taken in large quantities can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and obesity. If you are above 50 and planning to get in shape, you might want to cut out this unhealthy diet and be mindful of what you eat.


More fruits and Vegetables


These are low in fat and sugar that can be a good source of dietary fiber. Research shows that people who ate a lot more fruits and vegetables lost weight compared to those who feast on junk foods.



Play a new sport


Physical activity can be a powerhouse workout and a therapy session all at once. As you age, it would be nice to try out something new like playing a new sport. This will enhance not only your physical skills but as well as your cognitive skills. If you’re not up to a new sport challenge, you can always go back to your sports comfort zone and do what you have always loved to do. Aside from getting physical benefits, sports can also improve your bond with your colleague and friends.


Enroll in Yoga class


Yoga can improve your mental, physical and spiritual aspects. It is a good source of gaining peace of mind and setting new goals for your mind and body. It can help you maintain your mobility as you age and can give you a calming effect. It can also improve your flexibility and help your muscles stretch thereby strengthening it.


Eat whole grains and increase your protein intake


According to studies previously done, whole grains instead of refined grains worked a lot better for people with age between 40-65year old in burning calories and excreting fat. Increasing protein in your diet helps regenerate muscle mass as protein is a building block of the body. You may include foods such as meat, beans, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts, and legumes in your diet if you’re looking to improve your muscle mass. If you eat an adequate amount, you are most likely to grow and have a lean body despite your age.


Reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages


Alcoholic beverages may do wonders in your body once consumed. However, you have to think about the aftermath of what it does to your body. After consuming, alcohol goes to the bloodstream and is filtered by the liver to be excreted. Imagine how much your liver needs to work extra because of this load. This will then hasten the aging process because of the wear and tear of the cells in the liver.


Fat is metabolized in the liver and when the liver is affected, it might not be able to metabolize it to start the process of converting it to energy. Therefore, making it stagnant and cause a health concern. So next time you take a sip of alcohol, you might want to consider this process. A little of something is okay but going a little over the top can cause irreversible damage that you may regret later.


Cut the stress out


Stress has been the cause of excessive eating – that’s why it is called “stress eating”. Apart from this, stress can also push most to go after vices like drinking and smoking. This is because the stress hormones have been triggered and send impulse in the body. As the body reacts to it, you crave oily food, smoking, and alcoholic drinks as these have been registered by your body as pleasurable activities.


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This is the culprit that makes you gain more weight. So to be able to lose a few extra pounds around your 50-year-old belly, it’s best if you live a stress-free life as much as possible. Now we all know that this is not quite possible in the real world. However, you can always do things to ease up the burden of stress. When you’re feeling like a stress attack is just around the corner, stop what you’re doing. Breathe or take a walk and clear up your mind. Try to think of happy thoughts. This might enable your body to release happy hormones to combat the stress hormones.


These are only some ways to lose weight for men who are in the ’50s. Always remember that during this age, it’s all about control and discipline. If you want to live a healthier and leaner life, it is best if you start cutting out excuses, taking control of your emotions, and disciplining your thoughts.


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