7 Natural Ways to Last Longer in Bed

by Kelly McBeth

Contrary to popular belief, sexual stamina is more than just about the penis—it involves the whole body. Indeed, staying fit has multiple physical and health (including sexual) benefits.


  1. Get that tongue working

Getting into the thick of an extremely intimate moment in bed while performing an oral stimulation to your partner and then suddenly you’re having tongue and jaw cramps. This is a nightmare—an ultimate mood killer which can also ruin your confidence.

Prevent this by doing tongue pushups which are ideal for strengthening the muscles of your jaw and tongue. First, locate your hard palate which is found half an inch behind the front teeth. Next, push the tip underneath your tongue towards the hard palate. Make a habit of repeating this exercise and surely this will pay off in your next oral sex session.

To amp up the exercise, incorporate chocolate candies with hard exteriors such as M&M’s into your routine. Place this in between the underside of your tongue and the hard palate. Using the strength of the tongue, try as much as possible to squash the chocolate. Do it as fast as you can to make sure you did not crush them only when the chocolate has already softened and soaked because of saliva. It is indeed a fun and delicious way of exercising. If you want to opt for a healthier substitute, you can make use of grapes.


  1. Forearm workouts

Some sexual positions, angles, and even the process of switching up positions and angles need a lot of forearm strength. Make use of free weights or do 1 to 2 sets of multiple forearm curls repetition. Just remember to do this consistently—you only need to perform the forearm curls at most to every other day. Put a day or two gaps in between exercises to make sure you’re not doing it on consecutive days. In as early as two months, you will see noticeable improvements in your strength and stamina.


  1. Don’t forget the abs and lower back

Just like your forearms, your core muscles—the abdominal and lower back region—are used a lot during wild and passionate nights (or days). Strengthening the core muscles can be done in several ways: squats, planks, pushups, deadlifts, and inverted curls are among the most common exercises.


  1. Get in sync with your breathing

Gaining control over certain bodily responses and functions is useful when it comes to delaying ejaculation. It isn’t just enough to put your mind into it by either reciting Rene Descartes’s quote “I am therefore I think I am” or mindlessly imagining how successful you are in controlling your ejaculation. The body and mind should go hand in hand—practicing your breathing is one way, and often the first step, in doing it. Relax your mind and muscles, then focus on your breathing as if you’re meditating or doing yoga. Doing the opposite, which is continuing the state of muscular tension, will only likely result in premature ejaculation. Practicing to control your breathing implies more successful attempts on delaying ejaculation, hence gaining greater ejaculatory control resulting in extending foreplay.


  1. Make sure to have enough sleep

Sleep plays a critical role in many physiological processes—including the production of testosterone. Having an underwhelming amount of sleep, about 4 to 6 hours, negatively impacts the quality and level of testosterone.

Some measures to secure a sufficient good night’s sleep is to avoid artificial light for at least 2 hours before going to bed. Another tip is to sleep in a completely dark room, that is you don’t have a phobia of the dark, to prep the body for sleeping. Lastly, enough amount of sleep is between 7.5 to 8 hours so make sure to mark it as a priority. By following these, it is not only the quantity of produced testosterone that will have a considerable development—so will be the quality of sexual performance. Surely, your partner will be wanting more.


  1. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles

Do you know where your pubococcygeus muscle (PC) is located? Well, it is the very muscle that makes up your whole pelvic floor! It has a distinct hammock-like shape that bridges the public bone up to the tail bone. Both men and women have this muscle and can greatly benefit from exercising it. One exercise that uses the PC muscle is Kegels. For starters, locate this muscle by attempting to stop the flow of urine while peeing. Once located, repeat this process but on an empty bladder this time. Contract the PC muscles for 3 to 5 seconds, then followed with another 3 to 5 seconds of relaxing them. Perform 10 repetitions of Kegel exercises at least 3 times a day for 4 to 6 weeks. Be warned that this is not the same as the other typical exercises. It is strongly discouraged to increase the number of repetitions and frequency of sets done in a single day. This can backfire in your normal urination and bowel movement process. Don’t forget to not overdo it and it’s guaranteed that you’re staying in the right track.


  1. Take PC muscle exercises to a higher level

This exercise is like an upgraded version of the previously mentioned Kegel exercises. Just like with any muscle in the body, the PC muscle also needs to be challenged to make your desired outcome a reality.

To fully master the art of ejaculatory control, masturbating is required to trigger the penis to erection. Next, get a dry hand towel and place it over the erect penis. Afterward, lift the hand towel positioned on top of the erection by doing Kegels.

If you want to take it a step further, do the same process but with a twist—this time using a wet hand towel. Once mastered, increase the difficulty by using a small dry beach towel. It takes extreme focus and control to be able to pull this off. Making this a daily habit of 5 minutes will you grant you stronger erections and precise ejaculatory control—a skill that will surely impress your partner.


Some Bonus Tips

Focusing on flexibility and cardio endurance is equally important. There are plenty of cardio exercises: running, jogging, rock climbing, and others. Choose whatever suits your preference! All you need to do is achieve the minimum requirement of sweating thrice a week outdoors before you can show off this skill indoors.

Flexibility exercises specially tailored for maximum sexual performance are focused on the hips and lower back. Since these areas are where most men accumulate their stress, this needs to be released through exercising. A lot of yoga poses are concentrated on stretching while being relaxed, making it ideal even for beginners. Doing hip-opening stretches is also a good place to start.

Lastly, emphasis is placed on a healthy, well-balanced diet. Load up on proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, carbs, and other essential nutrients that are excellent for the bones, muscles, heart, and reproductive system. In contrast, cut out the unnecessary ones especially stimulants and depressants like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Permanently switch your lifestyle to a better one and you’ll be rewarded with a significant improvement in bedroom competence.

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