Your 7 Sources Of Potassium

by Jessica Lakes

If like us you really like your heart and want to keep it ticking over nicely (who doesn’t?), then you’ll surely know that a good way of keeping it in trim and stopping it from getting pissed off is by maintaining a healthy diet. One of the ways to do this is to incorporate more potassium.

Potassium is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in regulating our blood pressure and heart rhythm. Without it, regulation is anybody’s. It goes up the smoke, basically. Think of an absence of potassium in your body like an absence of a President leading America and you’re halfway there.

We’d go to shit, basically. Rednecks would take over.

And do you really want that to happen to your heart? Didn’t think so.


One half cup of lentils contains 365 mg of potassium. These protein-rich pulses are really easy to add to your diet; you can have them in soup, salad, and you can even slip them into a side salad. Get on it.

Hubbard Squash

One half-cup of Hubbard Squash is packed with 367 mg of potassium. It’s essentially like butternut squash, so anything you do with that you can do with this and benefit your heart in the meantime.

Pinto Beans

Burrito bars have pinto beans on the menu, but you’ve probably ignored them – until now.

One half cup of these babies contains 373 mg of potassium and they’re tasty as heck. Your burritos have probably been doused in a few of them, but next time ask for extra.


Yams are popular at Thanksgiving, but we say why stick to just Thanksgiving? Yams should be a treat for the whole year round! A single serving contains 456 mg, and a yam is a fantastic way to start any day. Go for it.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a treat that is hard to beat. They look like yams and they’re just as effective, with a single serving congaing 475 mg. Mom’s love it, so the next time you see her cooking some, ask for seconds.

Swiss Chard

Behind cheese, Swiss chard is Switzerland’s second biggest ever export.

Okay we’re kidding, but the Swiss are whizzes with clocks – and they’re also whizzes with a chard.

Okay, we made that up too.

The numbers: one half cup contains 481 mg. It also comes stuffed with zeaxanthin and lutein, other vital vitamins that ward off diminishing eyesight.

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