8 Health Concerns That Might Be Causing You Low Energy

by Kelly McBeth
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We all feel fatigued and tired at some point. These are the times when getting up is way more challenging and staying on the couch seems more inviting than walking toward the kitchen to deal with those dirty dishes.

Yet, when your lazy bones go beyond normal and you feel tired most of the time, it might be a cause for concern. You might be having serious health issues that need immediate attention. Below are some of the possible causes when you experience chronic low energy.


Problems with the thyroid, particularly hypothyroidism can affect your energy levels. Hypothyroidism is a condition when your body produces fewer thyroid hormones, caused by certain factors like autoimmune disease, radiation therapy, thyroid surgery, medication, and others. Thyroid hormones are crucial in your body’s ability to produce energy. Hence, a drop in these hormones could make you feel weak and tired.

When left untreated for long, hypothyroidism may lead to other health issues such as obesity, joint pain, infertility, cancer, heart disease, and even death. Oftentimes, this underactive hormone goes with fatigue, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, muscle aches, hair loss, muscle aches, and depression. Hypothyroidism may also interfere with testosterone production, leading to low levels of this hormone.


insomnia and depressionDepression can wreak havoc to your energy levels. When depressed, you feel sad for no reason, lose interest in the world, have problems with concentration and trouble sleeping, which can significantly lead to fatigue and decreased energy levels.

The good news is depression can be treated through counseling and medication. On the flip side, if you allow depression to linger long enough, you may end up harming yourself or even committing suicide. Early intervention is key to managing your depression and getting out of the unnecessary mire.

Low testosterone

There’s a link between low energy and low testosterone levels in men. Your testosterone helps your body in a lot of ways, particularly in regulating your reproductive system, muscle mass, and energy levels. A drop in this hormone could mean low sex drive, decreased motivation, and low energy, leading to mental and physical fatigue.

Luckily, testosterone treatments are available, including testosterone boosting supplements, which we’re going to talk about later.

Sleeping problems or insomnia

Lack of quality sleep could also be a factor for your low energy levels. Your body needs adequate sleep to restore, heal, and revitalize itself. When you’re unable to get good sleep, your body can’t do its restorative work, making you feel tired and fatigued the following day.

Chronic lack of sleep could not only affect your energy levels but also your productivity and cognitive functions. Don’t allow sleeping problems to affect the quality of your life. Find out what’s causing you to stay up at night and take the necessary steps to correct it.

Most men have sleep apnea that’s disrupting their sleep. Others are also bogged down by stress. But all these can be solved when you take the right move.


While iron deficiency anemia is more common in women due to their regular menstruation, this condition can affect men too. You may develop iron deficiency anemia when you’re a frequent blood donor, don’t get enough iron from diet or suffer from internal bleeding.

You have anemia when you have the following symptoms: extreme fatigue, dizziness, headache, tingling hands and feet, pale skin, and shortness of breath.

Other serious health issues

Low energy and fatigue can also be symptoms of serious illnesses like liver or kidney failure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

When you’re unusually tired, don’t wait for other symptoms to come out. Go to your health professional the soonest time possible. It’s much better to discover that you’re only suffering from a vitamin deficiency than prolong the agony until the condition gets serious. Or else, it might be too late.

Other causes

On a lighter note, not all fatigue and low energy are caused by serious health problems. Some of them occur as a response to certain medications, excessive caffeine intake, alcohol, and drug abuse.

Poor diet and lack of exercise

sedentary lifestyleToo much consumption of sugary and fatty foods can also cause low energy as well as leading a sedentary lifestyle. This means you need to start checking with your lifestyle and diet to make the necessary changes that can help you increase your energy levels and feel much better about yourself.

Changing your diet alone wouldn’t do it nor is exercising alone. Your diet influences almost all aspects of your life. Therefore, you should eat right and exercise right to raise your energy levels for good.

If you don’t know how or where to begin, we’re here to help you. Our best advice to increase your energy levels and begin to feel your best is for you to take supplements that can give you the energy and stamina you need.

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