Healthy American Male Staff

Naturally Dealing with Stress

Everyone is consumed by stress at least one time (or a hundred times) in his or her lives. Let’s admit it, stress sucks. There is literally nothing good about it. It brings us down. It targets are mental and physical. Okay, so stress can technically be good. It is a motivator. For example, when we’re stressed out right before an exam, or when we’re stressed out right before a huge company meeting,...[Read More]

What is Financial Domination

Have you heard about Fin Dom? How about Financial Domination? It’s a fetish. And like any fetish, there are plenty of places to find outlets for it on the internet.  It’s a growing fetish too. Some women report making tens of thousands of dollars IN A SINGLE DAY just by engaging men with this fetish. So, what is financial domination? At it’s most basic level, financial domination is a dominant-sub...[Read More]

4 Ways To Supercharge Sperm Production Naturally

Male infertility is a condition which prevents a man from being able to impregnate a woman. More specifically, it is defined as the inability of a man to get his partner pregnant, even when they have been trying to conceive for a year and have not been using contraceptives. It’s been reported that fifteen percent of couples who are trying to conceive fail to do so after the first year. Male ...[Read More]

Different Sex Positions to Switch Up Your Sex Life

It’s vital to almost every relationship that sex not get boring. It’s a bit of an odd concept in the first place; if you were to tell yourself as a virginal teenager that sex could be boring, your younger self probably wouldn’t believe it. But the truth is, in any long term relationship, it’s easy to get complacent. You know that you’re having issues when sex doesn’t seem as interesting any more o...[Read More]

3 Delicious Snacks That Boost Memory

The human memory is an amazing storage system that remembers things from the most meaningful to the least insignificant. And just like any storage system, it needs fuel to power it up, maintenance to keep it working properly, and, sadly, sometimes it needs repairs, too. Our brain is such a complex structure that up to now scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how the brain works. Espec...[Read More]

5 Disturbing Facts You Should Know About Cirrhosis

In 2015, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis were ranked as the tenth leading cause of death for American males. This leading cause of death was unique for the male population as it was not part of the top ten list for American women. Cirrhosis is a chronic or long-term liver disease. When scar tissue replaces your normal liver tissue and prevents your liver from functioning as it should, the cond...[Read More]

Top 5 Female Orgasm Predictors

Female orgasms are as elusive and fleeting as it is real. Yes, women come too. But it’s not as visible as when a man comes. And women don’t experience it as frequently as men do. Past studies on the orgasm gap between men and women showed that while as many as 90% of men experience orgasms during sexual intercourse, only about 50% of women get lucky enough to reach an orgasm. But achie...[Read More]

Let’s Talk Dirty Talk

A great way to get you and your partner into the mood for sex is dirty talk. However, there are pitfalls galore. It’s a minefield, with each phrase a potential death knell to your efforts if you don’t go in with a plan. You need to have open communication about communicating or the whole thing could fall apart. And you don’t want to block off dirty talk — the results can be mind-blowing. Dirty tal...[Read More]

5 Steps To Better Mental Health

“I suck.” That may be the refrain running through your head, everyday, but you’re not exactly sure when this phrase started looping through your head, and you can’t figure out how to get it to go away. Sometimes, you can trace it back to childhood, but usually this voice starts in your early teens or adulthood. Many times, the little voice in your head says way worse stuff than “...[Read More]