Considerations when Choosing the Best Fat Burning Supplement for Men

Do fat burning supplements for men work? If so, what then is the best fat burning supplement for men? Every man desires to look athletic with well toned 6-pack abs. Even those who don’t necessarily need to look athletic won’t want to be carrying around a pot belly. Some men have followed different eating programs and exercise routines with the hope of losing some weight, but in the end, no signifi...[Read More]

Fat Burning Supplements – How Do they Work?

It is not easy to lose weight, especially as people age. The metabolism rate of the body becomes slower and this means that calories are burned at a slower rate as well. With a low metabolic rate, the excess calories will turn into stored fats and these are not eliminated easily. Of course, people can keep themselves active and track the calories that they consume. This can turn to be a challenge ...[Read More]

How can Yoga help you lose weight

Yoga is a healthy practice for all human beings. Continuous and regular practice of yoga can help a person to attain physical and mental stability. Regular practitioners of yoga are known to be extremely healthy and the immune systems of their bodies are in a much improved state than non-practitioners. Yoga is also very helpful in weight loss. Fitness gurus and doctors around the world have recomm...[Read More]

How To Recognise A Heart Attack

You might think you know a heart attack when you see one. After all, you’ve seen the classic Hollywood movie scenes, haven’t you? You know, the scenes where the guy clutches onto his ribcage with one hand and the tablecloth with the other. Eyes bulging, gasping for breath, he then collapses into a heap on the floor. Yep, that guy was definitely having a heart attack, and if that ever happened to y...[Read More]

5 Foods That Pile On Muscle

Just imagine if junk food packed on muscle. We’d all look HUGE. The sad reality is that pizza and beer doesn’t pack on muscle. Instead, it saturates us in fats, clogs up our arteries and impairs our ability to think straight. Not really fair when you think about it. Fortunately, the foods that do pack on muscle aren’t necessarily boring. I mean, we’re not talking rabbit food here. Our list include...[Read More]

Killer Tips For Skinny Guys To Gain More Muscle

It’s a funny thing, but there are skinny guys out there who eat loads and just don’t have anything to show for it. Still down to the bare bones, they spend their days kicking their heels, wondering what in the hell they’ve gotta do to gain more muscle. All the while, others are jealous of them and trot out the tired old line skinny guys have heard a million times before: “Man, you can eat whatever...[Read More]

Things You Need To Know About Penis Fractures

Most men would rather not discuss penis fractures. After all, it’s a very sensitive topic. I mean, penis fracture? Man, that does not sound like something guys generally want to think about. Even if you just try and picture it your knees turn into jello. Ow. But penis fracture is a very real – and surprisingly common – thing. And because we’re always dishing out sex tips for men here, we thought i...[Read More]

Why You Should Be Honest With Your Partner

The key to a good sex life with your partner is to embrace the fundamental ethos that honesty is without a doubt the best policy. If we’re not honest we can become miserable. Moreover, our lies might eventually get found out – which will then make her miserable. The way to cure all this depressing misery is to be honest about you wants, your needs, your emotions – and your past. After all, a lot o...[Read More]

How To Kick Your Sugar Habit

American’s are currently in the grip of a sugar addiction. According to research, we ingest 23 teaspoons of the stuff each day. That equates to over 150 teaspoons of added sugar each week. Which basically means we consume 600 a month. That’s pretty incredible, but our collective habit shows no signs of stopping because we simply dismiss the very notion that we’re addicted to the white stuff. Yet h...[Read More]

How Effective Are Fat Burning Supplements

Fat burning supplements have become very popular lately in the world of health and fitness. Its arrival has made the job of losing those extra fats hanging around your body very convenient. After all, how hard can it be to pop a pill or two every day? Of course, not as hard as running five laps early in the morning. So, seeing it as one of the easiest way to get out of exercise but also enjoying t...[Read More]

How To Control Your Stress

If you’re not careful, stress can take over your life. It can dominate you, and it can kick your ass. If it’s not causing your solar plexus to tighten up, it’s making you needlessly bark at completely innocent people who are “fucking you over” by taking too much time to get out of the way at the supermarket. And it is isn’t doing this, it’s making you cry your eyes out in your bedroom in ways you ...[Read More]

5 Signs You’ve Got Awesome Semen

We all want swimmers that can swim. We all want our little boys to be able to find the target, and we all want ‘em to make daddy proud. But how do we know that our sperm is in shape? How do we know our semen isn’t going to disappoint us? How do we know its quality is high, and that they’re going to make it to the other side? There is a surefire way of doing this, and that’s by taking a trip to the...[Read More]