Best ways to impregnate your wife faster

by Kelly McBeth
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So, you just finished “the talk” with your wife and want to have a baby. If you’re still early into your marriage, you’re probably asking: How do I get my wife pregnant in the fastest way possible? The easy answer is, of course, to have sex. However, it’s not always that simple for everyone.

If you’re having some trouble conceiving or just a bit confused about the idea, as it’s totally new for you, then here are some of the best tips and tricks to help you impregnate your wife faster.


Try out these sex positions


The general rule when it comes to the best position to get pregnant is that the sperm should be deposited as near to your partner’s cervix as possible. This is because of the limited life span of the sperm and the egg.

Your mission now would be to make sure that your sperm and her egg meet at the right place and in the shortest possible time. This shouldn’t be a difficult issue if you consider trying out these positions the next time you have intercourse.



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How to do it: Let your partner lie on her back as you get on top of her, her thighs positioned on either side of your hips. Start penetration from this position.

Though many regards this as the most vanilla and basic position, it actually allows for the deepest possible penetration which makes it ideal for expecting couples. As you are face to face with your partner in this position, you can also further stimulate her with kissing or kneading her breasts. Be creative!


Doggy style


How to do it: With your partner on all fours, kneel behind her and grab her hips before beginning penetration.

In this rear-entry position, the sperm can be deposited closest to the cervix which therefore increases the chances of conceiving. You also get a great view of your partner’s ass. If you both are quite kinky, this can be accompanied by a few toys like whips or collars.


Hips elevated


How to do it: Place a pillow underneath your partner’s hips and get into the missionary position from there.

Quite similar to the missionary, placing any kind of elevation under your partner’s hips help your sperm to swim in the right direction. Spice up this position by discovering and stimulating her erogenous zones and get the both of you shaking in pleasure in no time.


Take note of her cycles


Not sure when is the best time to have sex? It is said that women are more likely to get pregnant faster if you have intercourse right before ovulation. We recommend having sex every other day in the weeks after she experiences her period. During this time, it is more likely that her egg and your sperm will be able to meet and ultimately increases your chances of having a baby.


Get rid of bad habits


Regular cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption can be a cause of lower fertility rates and reduce the production of sperms. Heavy drinking can also lengthen the time that the sperm meets the egg, which is the opposite of what you want. Aside from that, it’s not good for your baby’s health.

It is important for you and your partner to prioritize living a healthy lifestyle as this can directly affect the health of your offspring. If you don’t want your baby to suffer from any birth defects, it is best to stay away from anything that can deteriorate your health.


Mind what you eat


There goes a popular saying: You are what you eat. If you want your sperm to be healthy, you need to start eating healthy as well. Food actually has different benefits that can boost your chances of fertility. By following a good and balanced diet, your wife is going to be eating for two in no time.

Here are some foods that are known for increasing fertility in your sperm:

 Dark chocolate:The antioxidant content in dark chocolate aids in improving male fertility. As it contains an amino acid, it also helps double your sperm count.

  • Carrots:Carrots are the perfect vegetable that aids in enhancing the chances of your conception. The addition of carrots in your diet help in improving the performance of your sperms.
  • Almonds:Containing vitamin E, this antioxidant helps protect DNA and aid in the production of more sperms.
  • Tomatoes:The lycopene in tomatoes effectively boosts the health of your sperms.
  • Bananas:Packed with vitamin B6, eating a banana everyday help in regulating hormones as well as in the development of sperms.


Make her feel like a queen

Men often forget that foreplay can be the key to a woman’s heart. In this case, it can also be the key to conceiving. By pleasuring her and stimulating her so that she can orgasm as well can aid in pushing your sperm up into her cervix.

Discuss things that can make the intimate moment better and more meaningful than thinking of it as just sex. Your arousal is also vital to getting positive results, so remember to enjoy yourself rather than stress yourself out.


If you are able to take note of these tips, conceiving can be a breeze and less like a chore especially if you have already been trying for a while and are starting to get impatient. Take your time and enjoy the process so that you can make it memorable for both you and your partner.


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