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Dealing With Common Diseases During Your Infant’s Development

As parents, one of our greatest concerns is the health and safety of our children. We kiss their boo-boos, wipe their tears and pamper them whenever they are sick. In fact, we would prefer if they not get sick altogether, but it is almost as if this is unavoidable at times. While we may not be able to prevent them from getting sick, being prepared to deal with their illness is one way in which we ...[Read More]

Do I Have a Sexual Problem?

If you are struggling with a possible sexual problem, the initial step is to consult a health care provider. Gone are the days when anything “sexual” is often kept as a secret that no one must know about. If you are facing a potential issue with sexual health that can disrupt performance, it is important to act right away. With the increasing awareness of “sexual” topics these days, it is better t...[Read More]


Reaching your goals isn’t about being the person who wakes up the earliest. It’s not about toiling away at your goals all day and beating yourself up about your progress. No, reaching your goals and improving your self-confidence is about being consistent. Each day you should commit to a small chunk of your goals and complete this small chunk. As you show up every day for your goals and drea...[Read More]

Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

As you throw back a cold beer with the boys or end a long day at work with a chilled glass of wine, you may not be thinking about how alcohol affects your health as you unwind. Consuming alcohol has become as an important aspect of our socialization, from being a symbol of your rights of passage into adulthood, an expression of maturity and is widely used as an important aspect of our recreational...[Read More]

How Sleep Deprivation Can Drastically Reduce Your Libido

            Sleep deprivation affects all aspects of your health, including your sexual health. In fact, when you’re sleep deprived, you will most likely experience a drastic reduction in your sex drive. Truth be told, if you haven’t slept a single wink in several days, you’ll probably crave for sleep more than you’ll crave for sex or even food.             If sleep depriva...[Read More]