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Foods that are high in Probiotics

You have probably noticed that a lot of foods promote the amount of probiotics that they contain, but the question is, what are probiotics? There are many claims out there about what probiotics can do for you. They are bacteria that improves your gut health, yes, there are good bacteria out there. Your gut health is a large part of your overall health, so, yes probiotics are good for you. Now, can...[Read More]


The guidelines for colon and rectal cancer screenings have changed. The American Cancer Society now suggests these should begin happening at 45 years of age, five years earlier than previously recommended. Screenings may involve many different procedures such as DNA and blood tests and colonoscopies. Physicals should take place annually to ensure you are in optimal health. In addition to your regu...[Read More]

Signs You’ve Reached a Healthy Body Weight

Weight loss is not something you stop. You can’t just lose a certain number of pounds then go back to scarfing down cheeseburgers. Weight loss is a complete paradigm shift to how you live your life. It’s a fundamental change to your diet, exercise, and general lifestyle that you need to keep up if you want to stay healthy. Now, with that said, there should of course be a point where you ease up on...[Read More]

How to Treat Sun Burnt Skin

Summer is here. You and I both know what that means: Beach time, pool time, cookouts, parties, practically anything outdoors. Am I right? Of course I am. We generally want to be outdoors in the summer. That’s what we crave. But, what is our number one problem when it comes to summer time? Other than those pesky mosquitoes and annoying insects, that is. Sun Burnt Skin. SUN BURNS We don’t want them....[Read More]


There are a variety of dolls available, in a variety of different configurations. You may know the basics: lifelike, compliant, gorgeous. But, do you know these odd, and not so odd, facts? Here are 11 strange facts about sex dolls. #1 THEY ARE ACTUALLY USED FOR SEX This is not an odd fact, at all, but some people think they are not actually used for sex. No matter how cheap, awful, and nonhuman-li...[Read More]