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Steps to Follow When Proposing to Your Girlfriend

If there’s one situation that will turn you into a babbling idiot, it’s definitely proposing to your girlfriend. I mean, let’s be honest, proposing is probably one of the most nerve-racking things you’ll ever do in your entire life. Questions arise in your mind like will she say yes? Or, will she say no? And, if she says yes, do you jump up and down in excitement? Or, if she says no, do you walk a...[Read More]

Leydig Cell Tumors Can Destroy Your Sexual Virility

            A Leydig cell tumor is one of the types of testicular tumors that can lead to feminizing, meaning it can induce female sexual characteristics in men. For instance, when you have a Leydig cell tumor, your breasts can become quite enlarged, which is a condition called gynecomastia.             Around 10% of Leydig cell tumor cases are malignant. What’s even more worrisome about Ley...[Read More]

Health Risks to Certain Household Products

Household products can be a great help in cleaning our house, getting our cars working, or keeping our pets flea and tick free. However, they can also be poisonous to the human body if we’re not careful with how we use them. After all, these products were made to clean other stuff or to kill insects and fleas and ticks or to make cars work right; these products were never meant to make contact wit...[Read More]

7 Tricks to Improve Memory Function

Older adults may experience gaps in memory or a lack of short-term memory. It’s normal for older people to endure memory lapses; however, some older adults may want to challenge themselves and improve their memory. Even at an older age, it’s possible for the brain and body to undergo learning experiences in order to change their current memory condition. Some learning experiences include daily med...[Read More]

Can’t Sleep? Try These Nifty Techniques to get You Asleep Faster

Medical professionals have stated that people who have trouble sleeping probably have anxiety or depression. That’s not always the case, but in approximately 65% of situations, that’s the underlying problem. On the other hand, there are several other reasons people may not be falling asleep as quickly as they’d like. Some additional reasons for why you may have issues with insomnia are listed belo...[Read More]