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3 Problems That Cause Weak Erections

If your erection is too weak that you can hardly successfully engage in penetrative vaginal sex, you may already be suffering from erectile dysfunction. We usually think of erectile dysfunction as a condition wherein you can’t achieve an erection at all. The truth is, having persistently weak erections is already considered an erectile problem. Clinically speaking, not being able to maintain...[Read More]

5 Amazing Ways Tribulus Terrestris Enhances Your Sexual Health

Recent studies show that Tribulus terrestris can help prevent and treat various cardiovascular health issues as well as diabetes. But these are not the only health benefits offered by Tribulus terrestris. It’s also known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-tumor effects. Tribulus terrestris, a time-tested herbal remedy for various ailments, is extremely popular for its benefits ...[Read More]

California Football Coach Fired after Male Enhancement Drug was Allegedly Found in Spiked Water

        A high school football coach from California is now out of a job after two students allegedly spiked the school’s water. According to sources, the two students spiked the water with a male enhancement drug during a junior varsity football practice.         According to a recent article from the New York post, Coach Luis Barajas of Helen Bernstein High School in Hollywood did not initially ...[Read More]

What Really Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s clear that ED is on the rise – just turn on the television, and you will notice several commercials for drugs that treat erectile dysfunction. At least 40% of men in their 40s have experienced some level of ED, and most men don’t seek treatment. When you have ED, you are simply less satisfied with life. It adds to already high levels of stress and creates a vicious cycle of not being able to ...[Read More]

Foods to Start Eating for Better Health

We’d all like to think we’re good eaters, but for some of us, this could be the farthest thing from the truth. Several of us spend our free time researching different diets, spending hundreds of dollars on books with titles like ‘The Foods That Changed My Life’ and diet plans we heard from a celebrity, who swear their lives that the diet will work. However, contrary to popular belief people do not...[Read More]