Blue Plasma Review: Is it a hoax?

by Jessica Lakes
Blue Plasma Review: Is it a hoax?

Blue Plasma Investigation 

Most all women strive for picture perfect skin which is no easy task. It is also not a cheap endeavor either. There are literally billions of website full of skin care scams. There are those that work amazingly. Then there are those which waste money and effort.  A large percentage of these so called miracles in a bottle are absurdly priced; however, a high price does not always mean high quality. Perricone MD is a top dollar manufacturer of skin care and their claim to fame is Blue Plasma. This formula is said to be a non-acidic peel which offers potentially flawless skin. It accomplishes this without the angry red results of other products. The Perricone MD company uses micro-extraction to life dirt from the deepest pores and is said to leave beautifully smooth skin behind.  The manufacture say that this formula contains two other important keys. One is bio-specific- peel and it only removes the dead skin cells leaving healthy skin glowing and smooth. The next one is hydro-fusion which uses nourishing, enriched water to quench thirsty skin and plump fine lines.

Blue Plasma Properties and Actions 

Blue Plasma Investigation

A derivative of salmon roe is a micro-cellular exfoliating enzyme that functions as alpha hydroxy acid without angering the skin. It has most recently been used in the repair of photo-damaged skin. This enzyme is also said to provide actions which slow the skin’s aging process.
The body uses copper for a wide variety of vital purposes, from the toes to the nose. It enhances skin elasticity through improving its collagen production. It decreases the appearance of scarring and brightens age spots to even tone. Copper provides the formula with antibacterial as well as antifungal agents.
A specific amino acid generally referred to as carnitine which is hygroscopic like in nature. It pulls moisture to the skin from the environment and calms sebum excretion. Carnitine also increases the oxidation of fat and firms the skin.

Blue Plasma Assets and Deficits

Appearance of scars

Blue Plasma Assets

The manufacturer does not use any sulfates, phthalates, or parabens in Blue Plasma.
This formula includes nutrient infused water and patented micro-technology
Potential customers may review a great abundance of positive reviews on using this product.
Consumers who order from the official site can get shipping and samples at no charge.
Displeased users may ask for a refund as long as it is in 30 days from order.
Perricone MD does not use laboratory animals for testing.

Blue Plasma Deficits

This brand is very costly.
Blue Plasma contains no type of sun protection.
This formula has undergone no studies for effectiveness.
Some users experienced horrible side effects.
Customers have only one month to request a refund.
Blue Plasma is not a vegan friendly product.


A wide variety of skin care webpages offer Plasma Blue; however, consumers should only order through the company website. Consumers cannot ask for a refund, if they order it from anywhere else. The price is about $100 for a 59ml/2-ounce bottle.

Last Vote

Users have great things to say about Blue Plasma, but there have been no studies conducted by professionals. Customers may request a refund, but the return must have been purchased from the manufacture’s webpage and there is only a 30-day window to do so. In addition, it is outrageously expensive making it seem this miracle in a jar is too good to be true.

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