BPI Sports Nite Burn Review – What you need to know about Nite Burn Review

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We never get tired of reviewing products by BPI Sports. They have that signature blue, white, and black hue and they always come up with impressive product names. However, BPI Sports isn’t as unique as their brand appears to be.

Like many other supplement brands, BPI Sports tend to stretch their profit by introducing more products that are just spinoffs of an original formula, and their loyal customer base just eats it up.Never mind that BPI Sports already has a fat burner in B4, they had to release another fat burner; and what’s the difference? The other fat burner is supposed to be used only at night. Enter, BPI Sports Nite Burn. A supplement that helps you trim fat while you sleep. Clever, right? Although this only says that their B4 isn’t good enough that they had to make another one to support it. Nevertheless, BPI Sports might be onto something with their PM-only Nite Burn brand.

The good thing about Nite Burn is that it doesn’t have stimulants – which is probably why they had it only for PM use. It’s nice to see melatonin with Nite Burn, since it’s a PM-only supplement and some sleep aid in the formula would be nice to help you sleep. Melatonin is a good sleep aid, not mild enough that it would keep you awake, but not strong enough that it would cause a mini-coma (just kidding), so you could take it even when you have an early morning board meeting tomorrow.
Nite Burn contains Green Coffee Bean extract to help you with your metabolism, and raspberry ketones to act as appetite suppressants while you sleep. It’s good to prevent you from eating late at night, and a little bit of coffee bean extract. There’s no indication whether its green coffee bean extract is decaffeinated or not.

Raspberry ketones are long known for its appetite suppressant properties, but what use would that be if you’re already sleeping? This logic seems amiss in the entire formula, and I’d really like to know how that fits in the idea of burning excess calories at night. Some may argue that its effects would last until you wake up, but you simply can’t afford to miss out on your breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day.
We’ve also seen some reviews that detail their experience with Nite Burn. Some users say that they experienced waking up in the middle of the night. This might be due to the green coffee bean extract, since there’s nothing that tells us that it has been decaffeinated. However, it might be an isolated issue and the formula has nothing to do with it.

BPI Sports Nite Burn is a mild sleep aid with a little bit of appetite suppressant tossed in the formula. Apparently, they thought that it would be good enough to sell to their loyal customers. However, there are better stimulant-free fat-burning products out there. Undoubtedly the best fat burning supplement available today is Garcinia X which contains Garcinia Cambogia – a supplement that helps convert fat into energy, while acting as an appetite suppressant. Check it out!


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