Can You Increase Your Size With TRT?

by Kelly McBeth

Who would say no to having a bigger erection?


You may have seen the article posted a few weeks back about how a 40-year-old man was able to increase his size and girth by just taking testosterone injections. The study gained notoriety quickly, and it was later revealed that the man had hypogonadism as a teen. You can only imagine the man’s delight when he knew that he would gain size!

But will TRT have the same effect on men who do not suffer from hypogonadism? In this article, we’ll discuss how TRT works for men, and how you can increase your peak erection size.

Testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, is one of the most in-demand elective treatments today in the United States. Statistics show that roughly 3 million Americans are hooked on testosterone enhancement products, and the majority of these men take their regular testosterone treatments from wellness centers scattered around the country. TRT has become so popular that there is a clinic that specializes in testosterone treatments in every major US city.

Testosterone treatments are undoubtedly much needed by men around the world, but the biggest impact that the entire testosterone drug market has had on men’s health is perhaps bringing the issue of age-related testosterone decline to light. Thanks to the aggressive marketing of wellness clinics, health providers, and doctors that profit off of testosterone treatments, more men now understand the benefits of testosterone, and why men need to protect their testosterone levels as they age.

The awareness about testosterone helped millions of men understand the biological factors that contribute to their physical and sexual decline as they age. Some even think of testosterone as the closest thing we’ve come to the fountain of youth, and they are not entirely wrong in that matter. Increasing testosterone levels as men age will help men regain their youthful physical and sexual performance.

Just a decade ago, testosterone products were thought of as products that only appeal to the desperate. Now, people respect the benefits of testosterone, to the point that some people would trust any claim that a testosterone product would make.


Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy increase penis size?



A couple of years ago, a study was conducted that successfully linked testosterone replacement therapy to penile growth. According to the study, a patient was given injections that contained synthetic testosterone for a certain time, and the effect added size and girth to the man’s erections. This study was mentioned frequently by many products that claimed to increase testosterone, but the most crucial part of the study was rarely mentioned – the patient who took the treatment in the study had hypogonadism since puberty.

Hypogonadism is the condition where males have a significant reduction of the functionality of the gonads. The patient in the study had hypogonadism since puberty, which greatly stunted the development of his secondary male characteristics, which included penile growth.

By taking TRT, the man was able to go through puberty the second time around, allowing his body to develop the way it should have, and this included penile development, muscle gain, and others.

Testosterone replacement therapy alone will not increase penis size unless you had a severe medical condition that prevented your penis from developing properly during puberty. It could have an effect on sex drive and libido, which could affect the quality of your erections, but it does not add overall size and girth.


What can add size to your penis?


Before we talk about size gains, it’s important to understand how penile tumescence (erection) works.

An erection is an involuntary response to sexual stimuli. The brain sends signals to the blood vessels to simultaneously contract and expand, to focus blood flow to the penis. This reaction increases blood flow to the cavernous spaces in the penis. The elastic penile tissue expands and becomes rigid, creating an erection.

Erections are dependent on three factors – testosterone, blood flow, and penile tissue elasticity. To have any chance at increasing erection size, it’s important to increase all the factors that affect erections.


How to increase testosterone levels

Aside from TRT, natural supplements that contain powerful testosterone-boosting ingredients can help you improve your testosterone production and retention. Ingredients such as Tongkat Ali, Zinc, Fenugreek, Ashwagandha, and Horny Goat Weed, are all excellent testosterone boosters. An increase in testosterone levels will greatly improve the response to sexual stimulus, and cause fuller, more rigid erections.


How to increase blood flow


The smooth muscles in the blood vessels control how much blood flows through the blood vessels. These smooth muscles contract and expand to increase pressure or volume. Nitric oxide boosters allow smooth muscles to relax, which causes them to dilate.

Dilated blood vessels allow a much larger volume of blood to pass through, and this reaction, together with the increase in testosterone levels, greatly enhances blood volume and pressure in the cavernous spaces in the penis, yielding bigger and harder erections.


Penile tissue elasticity


Penile tissue elasticity is perhaps the most important factor that affects penis size. A man’s erection size is limited by how rigid or elastic the penile tissue is. The combined effect of testosterone and nitric oxide boosters would push the elastic penile tissue further, allowing you to increase your peak erection size and hardness. Over time, the repeated intense erections would make the penile tissue more elastic, gradually increasing your peak erection size and hardness.


What’s the best way to increase size?


You won’t have to take three kinds of supplements just to get the results you want. One supplement contains the most advanced vasodilators and testosterone boosters to give you a significant increase in energy, libido, and peak erection size and hardness.

Male UltraCore is equipped with VI-PEX and STEM technology, the two premier supplement technologies that focus on potent natural ingredients and standardized extracts to improve testosterone production and blood flow.

The formula’s power-packed 2800mg dosage is among the highest in the industry, and it’s complete with essential ingredients and highly-potent standardized extracts.

We reviewed Male UltraCore extensively and experienced its results firsthand. If you want to enhance your performance while giving yourself the best shot at increasing your size, forget about TRT. Try a natural supplement that is fully-equipped to increase your peak erection size and hardness.

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