Reaching your goals isn’t about being the person who wakes up the earliest. It’s not about toiling away at your goals all day and beating yourself up about your progress. No, reaching your goals and improving your self-confidence is about being consistent. Each day you should commit to a small chunk of your goals and complete this small chunk. As you show up every day for your goals and drea...[Read More]

Health Risks to Certain Household Products

Household products can be a great help in cleaning our house, getting our cars working, or keeping our pets flea and tick free. However, they can also be poisonous to the human body if we’re not careful with how we use them. After all, these products were made to clean other stuff or to kill insects and fleas and ticks or to make cars work right; these products were never meant to make contact wit...[Read More]

7 Tricks to Improve Memory Function

Older adults may experience gaps in memory or a lack of short-term memory. It’s normal for older people to endure memory lapses; however, some older adults may want to challenge themselves and improve their memory. Even at an older age, it’s possible for the brain and body to undergo learning experiences in order to change their current memory condition. Some learning experiences include daily med...[Read More]

Can’t Sleep? Try These Nifty Techniques to get You Asleep Faster

Medical professionals have stated that people who have trouble sleeping probably have anxiety or depression. That’s not always the case, but in approximately 65% of situations, that’s the underlying problem. On the other hand, there are several other reasons people may not be falling asleep as quickly as they’d like. Some additional reasons for why you may have issues with insomnia are listed belo...[Read More]

Advantages of Group Therapy

Life can be stressful for everyone; however, every individual has a unique way of dealing with stress and anxiety. Some people like to enjoy an activity that they haven’t experienced before or lack knowledge of. Such inexperience in a hobby can allow a person to learn about a specific interest and become more involved in the activity. Although, other people like to talk about their feelings in ord...[Read More]

A Man’s Guide to all Wedding Dress Codes

Wedding dress codes aim to be a good idea, but they aren’t really that good of an idea. Hear me out on this one. Wedding dress codes are put in place to tell you what you should wear to a particular wedding. For example, if you’re going to a casual wedding, the wedding dress codes will tell you what’s acceptable to put on. Same goes for a formal wedding, and so on, and so on. Every wedding has a d...[Read More]

8 Tips to Boost Confidence

Life is filled with many challenges that a person must overcome but having low self-esteem shouldn’t be one of them. Having low self-esteem can hinder a person from building strong relationships with family members, friends, and even coworkers. In some professions, it’s also looked down upon if a person is wary of their own abilities to close a sale, take customers’ orders, and manage a desk and a...[Read More]

5 Signs You’re Overstimulated

It’s the image that defines a generation: young people bent over their phones, thumbs flying, hours per day. Social commentary pokes fun at this new custom, while scientific studies warn of overstimulation and its negative effects. But you don’t have to be a millennial to be overstimulated. In fact, studies show that generations more than one step ahead of millennials are often in the same situati...[Read More]

The Effects That Stress Has On Your Body

In order to live a long and happy life, you need to avoid stress. The hormones associated with prolonged stress can wreak havoc on your body. Even short term stress can result in a few health concerns that definitely want to avoid. Stress can damage your teeth. You have probably noticed that stress can sometimes cause you to clench your jaw more often than average. Too much stress can make you tra...[Read More]

Why you should watch out for Lone Star Tick Bites this Summer Season

        Lyme disease is a pain in the rear end, to say the least. However, this summer season, Lyme disease is not the only thing that should get you worried.         Earlier in the year, health experts warned us that this year would be the worst thus far, in regards to tick bites. In fact, some said that we were about to face what they termed a “tick explosion,” making many American’s extremely w...[Read More]


There are few habits as devastating to your success as self-sabotage. This can be a lifelong habit that will undermine your best efforts. Though you have worked for many years to get a college degree or learn a complex skill, your self-doubt will continuously make you feel as if you are not deserving of the good things in life. You may take jobs that are below your worth, be with people who are no...[Read More]


Every day you choose to do many things. These things, whatever they are, shape your life. When you consistently do something, you create a habit, good or bad. Your brain doesn’t know if a habit is good or bad, it only knows as that you do it all of the time. To reach your goals, consistency in productive activities that make you feel good and contribute to the future you want is key. Consist...[Read More]

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