There are few habits as devastating to your success as self-sabotage. This can be a lifelong habit that will undermine your best efforts. Though you have worked for many years to get a college degree or learn a complex skill, your self-doubt will continuously make you feel as if you are not deserving of the good things in life. You may take jobs that are below your worth, be with people who are no...[Read More]


Every day you choose to do many things. These things, whatever they are, shape your life. When you consistently do something, you create a habit, good or bad. Your brain doesn’t know if a habit is good or bad, it only knows as that you do it all of the time. To reach your goals, consistency in productive activities that make you feel good and contribute to the future you want is key. Consist...[Read More]


The guidelines for colon and rectal cancer screenings have changed. The American Cancer Society now suggests these should begin happening at 45 years of age, five years earlier than previously recommended. Screenings may involve many different procedures such as DNA and blood tests and colonoscopies. Physicals should take place annually to ensure you are in optimal health. In addition to your regu...[Read More]

How to Treat Sun Burnt Skin

Summer is here. You and I both know what that means: Beach time, pool time, cookouts, parties, practically anything outdoors. Am I right? Of course I am. We generally want to be outdoors in the summer. That’s what we crave. But, what is our number one problem when it comes to summer time? Other than those pesky mosquitoes and annoying insects, that is. Sun Burnt Skin. SUN BURNS We don’t want them....[Read More]

How to Start Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is not as hard as it seems. It can actually be pretty easy if you choose to do small things every day. If you are sticking to these little things, they will add up to be big things over time. Here are some easy tips to help you start eating healthy. Choose Whole Foods. Whole foods are those like your fruits and veggies. You should choose these over your instant noodles and frozen fo...[Read More]

Why Should Date Night be on the Calendar for Couples?

Date night is very important for all couples. It doesn’t matter if the you guys have been dating for a few years or if you guys have been married for a few years, the same still stands: Get out the two of you, and only the two of you, and have a good time together! I know, it sounds lame. Like, why would you need or want to have date night so often? Is it because I’m telling you it should be on th...[Read More]

How To Show You’re Interested With Your Body Language

This amazing person is sitting across the room, looking like a million bucks. You keep glancing in their direction. While women have about 52 ways to show they’re interested, you have around 10. But, what are those ways? How do you show you’re interested? There are many ways, here are 12 of them. Many of these are automatic gestures, but you can use them deliberately to ensure your message is bein...[Read More]

Postpartum Depression in Men

When most people think of postpartum depression, they usually think of the sadness, hopelessness, and difficulty with childcare that mothers sometimes experience soon after giving birth.  It is usually caused by changes in hormone levels associated with pregnancy.  However, research show that men can also experience depression soon after becoming a parent. Recent studies shows that 8-13% of men ca...[Read More]

Healthy Aging – 4 Health Trends Among The Elderly

There are currently close to fifty million people in the United States who are 65 years old and over. Of these, close to 22 million are male. Of the remaining twenty-seven million women, 27% of those aged 65 to 74 years live alone and the percentage goes higher in older age groups. The elderly population in the US are facing new challenges and opportunities their counterparts in previous generatio...[Read More]

How to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Flu season is upon us. The flu is easily one of the most suborn and hardest to destroy diseases in recorded human history. Although not deadly by any means, it has plagued the human race despite every effort to cure it. However, though we don’t have a means of eliminating it, we do have the means by which to deal with it, and to circumvent it when flu season comes around. Society and health has co...[Read More]

Naturally Dealing with Stress

Everyone is consumed by stress at least one time (or a hundred times) in his or her lives. Let’s admit it, stress sucks. There is literally nothing good about it. It brings us down. It targets are mental and physical. Okay, so stress can technically be good. It is a motivator. For example, when we’re stressed out right before an exam, or when we’re stressed out right before a huge company meeting,...[Read More]

4 Ways To Supercharge Sperm Production Naturally

Male infertility is a condition which prevents a man from being able to impregnate a woman. More specifically, it is defined as the inability of a man to get his partner pregnant, even when they have been trying to conceive for a year and have not been using contraceptives. It’s been reported that fifteen percent of couples who are trying to conceive fail to do so after the first year. Male ...[Read More]