Foods that are high in Probiotics

You have probably noticed that a lot of foods promote the amount of probiotics that they contain, but the question is, what are probiotics? There are many claims out there about what probiotics can do for you. They are bacteria that improves your gut health, yes, there are good bacteria out there. Your gut health is a large part of your overall health, so, yes probiotics are good for you. Now, can...[Read More]

5 Ways Fruits And Vegetables Enhance Mental Health

          It’s a known fact that fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. Aside from giving you the nutrients your body needs for optimal functioning, you can also get a lot of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables to protect your body from diseases and the damages caused by aging. Dietary fiber naturally derived from the fruits and vegetables you eat keep your g...[Read More]

3 Delicious Snacks That Boost Memory

The human memory is an amazing storage system that remembers things from the most meaningful to the least insignificant. And just like any storage system, it needs fuel to power it up, maintenance to keep it working properly, and, sadly, sometimes it needs repairs, too. Our brain is such a complex structure that up to now scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how the brain works. Espec...[Read More]

Safety & Efficiency of True Slim Tea

Product Overview For one, True Slim Tea has the FDA approval. It has natural herbs, which includes Bamboo Leaf. Regular use of True Slim Tea paves the way for a cleansed digestive system. It also decreases bloating, improves metabolic rates and decreases fat deposits. You can either have a regular tea or the extra strength one. True Slim Tea is created by master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen. He’s responsi...[Read More]