5 Things that Secretly Make Her Horny

We all know the obvious – a woman needs lots loving and passion to get really turned on. But there are also other factors that can increase their likelihood of arousal, factors which are random yet still the body’s natural response to certain stimuli. So, below are 5 things that secretly make her want you in bed: 1. Riding roller coasters A study conducted at the University of Texas suggests that ...[Read More]

Is C9-T11 2.0 Effectual?

What it’s all about Essentially, marketing in itself is problematic, but when you associate this with male enhancement products and other supplements, it becomes even more so. When a product lacks marketing, despite its potential and high quality, it can’t reach the market it deserves. It can, eventually, but it’ll take time. This is way a lot of supplement manufacturers really exaggerate when mak...[Read More]

A Review of Instant Erection: How Good Is It?

Introducing Instant Erection This particular product is a male enhancement supplement that claims to increase the firmness of your erection, enhance your sex drive and improve your endurance as well. In contrast with other products that need to be consumed on regular basis, you can be relieved to know that Instant Erection should only be used prior sexual intercourse in order to guarantee better p...[Read More]

5 Sex Positions for When Men Have Lower Back Pain

The problem with feeling horny is that it doesn’t abate even if your body doesn’t quite want sex. Sometimes you just see your partner lying there and you can’t help but want to rip their clothes off. If you have back problems, you will know that no matter your urges, sometimes you just can’t bear the pain. While this means you can’t get your leg over, it also may be causing problems in your relati...[Read More]

Getting Hard and Making It Last

Every man wants to stay erect for much longer to satisfy his partner. Would it not make you feel like a sex god if you see her gasping for air because your hard-on is so, well hard it puts her in a confused yet totally pleased state? While some can certainly deliver, others find it a bit more problematic. But there are ways you can try to address this unfortunate derailment in your sex life. Take ...[Read More]