Why You Should Be Honest With Your Partner

The key to a good sex life with your partner is to embrace the fundamental ethos that honesty is without a doubt the best policy. If we’re not honest we can become miserable. Moreover, our lies might eventually get found out – which will then make her miserable. The way to cure all this depressing misery is to be honest about you wants, your needs, your emotions – and your past. After all, a lot o...[Read More]

How to Improve Sexual Stamina

Men, at some points in their lives, have been concerned about their sexual stamina. Men consider their sexual performance to be very important and they are willing to do everything to pleasure their partner in bed. They also want to enjoy their sexual intercourse, without getting dismayed or rushed by early ejaculation and other performance issues. Do you have any idea on how to improve sexual sta...[Read More]

How to Choose the Right Natural Viagra Alternative

Have you ever seen Viagra in the news? Do you have a friend who has used Viagra in the past? Viagra was considered the wonder drug when it comes to sexual performance. Though many have used it, many have also reported its negative effects. This is the primary reason why many men decided to opt for alternatives or natural supplements because they consider their overall health more important than th...[Read More]

Guide when Choosing Herbal Alternatives to Viagra

Sexual issues can’t be avoided especially with men. Some who are experiencing these issues may attempt to take herbal supplements, hoping that they can boost their libido and at the same, improve their sexual performance. There are also some who will opt to visit the doctor immediately to know the cause of their condition, especially when it is their first to experience it and some would just opt ...[Read More]

How To Spot Fake Breasts

Summer is only around the corner, which basically means 6 whole months of breasts outdoors. Fuck, yeah. This is obviously really handy if you love breasts (and who doesn’t?), because each time you hit a beach, you’ll be surrounded by more gorgeous twins than you can shake a stick at. As well as, you know, the obligatory naked fat people. Damn. But this year we thought we’d play a little game. Acco...[Read More]

What Makes Women Desire One Night Stands?

What make women interested in having one night stands? This question has generated much interest and debate among men. It’s been lazily suggested that perhaps some women are just more predisposed to engage in no strings attached sex. Others believe that personal charm combined with a handsome face and a smooth game scores the victory. Every man secretly knows deep down that penis size does indeed ...[Read More]

Studies Show Penis Size Influences Frequency of Affairs in Long Term Relationships

Penis size is important to both men and women. Despite numerous debates on this topic scientific studies unanimously agree that penis size is a major component to both male and female sexual satisfaction.  Size is not merely a male ego booster and a fancied requirement for increased pleasure by women. Long penises with ample girth are indeed optimal for mutually enjoyable sexual intercourse. Studi...[Read More]

Studies Find Link between Relationship Satisfaction and Sexual Performance

Impotence and Relationship Dissatisfaction Erectile dysfunction and low libido are two of the most prevalent yet treatable male sexual health problems today. In most cases, this is due to severe declines in testosterone levels in middle aged to older men. However, the number of young men experiencing the same symptoms continues to steadily increase every year. Sexual performance issues can be very...[Read More]

Porn Industry Declares that Formula 41 Extreme is its Biggest Asset:

The Growing Consensus The male enhancement supplement marketplace is an ever growing and can also be extremely overwhelming and frustrating. There is an enormous amount of falsified information available, especially on the internet. Most of this is a confounding jumble of advertisements and customer reviews and the customers are every day average consumers. Recently professionals have joined this ...[Read More]

Men’s Journal Votes Formula 41 Extreme

The Best Penis Perfecting Pill Globally Headlines surrounding male impotence, male enhancement prescription drugs, and supplements abound upon opening any publication on prevalent health issues. Studies reveal astounding statistics on the dramatic increase in sexual dysfunction encountered today in the male population. Statistics for 2015 estimate that anywhere between 15 to 30 million members of ...[Read More]

How To Enjoy Sex With A Micropenis

According to reconstruction surgeon Dr Leo Doumanian, you qualify for a micropenis if your erection is limited to a fairly limp 2 inches. And according to the popular TV comedy, New Girl,  a micropenis looks like an “anteater being born.” It’s a charming way of describing someone’s love pump – and it’s certainly a new one on us – but does there remain a stigma attached to micropenises? And can guy...[Read More]

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