What Makes Women Desire One Night Stands?

What make women interested in having one night stands? This question has generated much interest and debate among men. It’s been lazily suggested that perhaps some women are just more predisposed to engage in no strings attached sex. Others believe that personal charm combined with a handsome face and a smooth game scores the victory. Every man secretly knows deep down that penis size does indeed ...[Read More]

Studies Show Penis Size Influences Frequency of Affairs in Long Term Relationships

Penis size is important to both men and women. Despite numerous debates on this topic scientific studies unanimously agree that penis size is a major component to both male and female sexual satisfaction.  Size is not merely a male ego booster and a fancied requirement for increased pleasure by women. Long penises with ample girth are indeed optimal for mutually enjoyable sexual intercourse. Studi...[Read More]

How To Enjoy Sex With A Micropenis

According to reconstruction surgeon Dr Leo Doumanian, you qualify for a micro penis if your erection is limited to a fairly limp 2 inches. And according to the popular TV comedy, New Girl,  a micro penis looks like an “anteater being born.” It’s a charming way of describing someone’s love pump – and it’s certainly a new one on us – but does there remain a stigma attached to micro penises? And can ...[Read More]

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