How To Recognise A Heart Attack

You might think you know a heart attack when you see one. After all, you’ve seen the classic Hollywood movie scenes, haven’t you? You know, the scenes where the guy clutches onto his ribcage with one hand and the tablecloth with the other. Eyes bulging, gasping for breath, he then collapses into a heap on the floor. Yep, that guy was definitely having a heart attack, and if that ever happened to y...[Read More]

How To Control Your Stress

If you’re not careful, stress can take over your life. It can dominate you, and it can kick your ass. If it’s not causing your solar plexus to tighten up, it’s making you needlessly bark at completely innocent people who are “fucking you over” by taking too much time to get out of the way at the supermarket. And it is isn’t doing this, it’s making you cry your eyes out in your bedroom in ways you ...[Read More]

5 Signs You’ve Got Awesome Semen

We all want swimmers that can swim. We all want our little boys to be able to find the target, and we all want ‘em to make daddy proud. But how do we know that our sperm is in shape? How do we know our semen isn’t going to disappoint us? How do we know its quality is high, and that they’re going to make it to the other side? There is a surefire way of doing this, and that’s by taking a trip to the...[Read More]

3 Ways To Enhance Your Focus

Life in the 21st century is probably more hectic than ever before. It’s without a doubt the busiest and most pressured of all the centuries so far. Folk who lived in the BC years would have had their woes, but we’d argue that building a fire comes with less pressure than directing a plane to the runway. The 21st century is a pressure cooker just waiting to explode. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are...[Read More]

6 Lies Your Doctor Tells You

We all lie. You lie, I lie, the guys in your office lie. Presidents lie, emperors lie, newspapers lie. Even your mother is prone to the odd white lie. “You look great!” she says to you on your first school day, despite dressing you up like a curious mix of Walter the Softy from Dennis the Menace and Milhouse Van Houten. Indeed, you look more like a cartoon character than an actual human being. And...[Read More]

3 Hangover Cures That Just Don’t Work

A hangover can be really nasty. Like, truly nasty. It can be unspeakably nasty that we’ll do anything to find a hangover cure that saves us from our sickness and helps us to get through the day. After all, nobody enjoys that splitting headache when you first open your eyes. Nobody likes seeing the room spin as soon as you lift your head up from your pillow. And definitely none of us enjoy plonking...[Read More]

3 Unusual Causes Of Diarrhoea

Life can be a scary thing when you’re suffering from a nasty case of diarrhoea and you simply don’t know why. I mean, normally you know exactly why you’ve got the runs. It could be because of the rather shoddy meal your mate cooked for you both before you headed off to the ball game. Perhaps he tried a Mexican breakfast despite being unable to remember when exactly it was that he got the eggs in. ...[Read More]

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