Damiana Leaf Extract Review: What is it?

by Jessica Lakes
Damiana Leaf Extract Review: What is it?

Damiana Leaf Extract Analysis

Damiana Leaf extract is a popular ingredient in supplements today. It is advertised as offering properties which enhance many areas of health. It is said to promote the health of the reproductive system; correct erectile dysfunction; and boost testosterone production. Damiana is thought to function as a nerve tonic; aid digestion; and enhance mood. It can be found alone or in any number of supplements for health. This herb is sold all over the internet and in physical stores across the world.This is an assessment to address these claims and determine, if they have any type of foundation in truth. The scientific findings are listed below to clear the smoke and mirrors surrounding this botanical.

Damiana Leaf Extract Sources and Synonyms

Damiana Leaf Extract Sources

Damiana is a shrub which is native to the southwest region of the United States; Mexico; Central and South America; and the Caribbean. It was once used by the Mayan culture to treat loss of balance and as an aphrodisiac. Damiana made its way to the United States around the 1870s. It was then implemented to promote the health of the urinary tract and reproductive systems.

Damiana was entered into the National Formulary in 1888, but never found its way to the U.S. Pharmacopeia. Some of the nick names this herb has picked up along the way include Aphrodisiaca; Feuille de Damiana; Feuille de Damiane; Herba de la Pastora;Mizibcoc; Old Woman’s Broom; Oreganillo; Rosemary; Thé Bourrique;Turnera diffusa; Turnerae Diffusae Folium; Turnerae diffusae herba;and Turnera microphyllia.

Damiana Leaf Extract Functions

Increase the orgasm

Damiana leaf extract was proven to treat sexual dysfunction. It was found to increase the ability to achieve orgasm and reduce the time interval between sessions. Interestingly enough, this herb has shown an ability to enhance the female orgasm as well.

Damiana is listed in The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia as an aid for anxieties and depression linked to impotence. The same publication also states that it is an effective digestive aid. This leaf has shown promise in easing nausea and certain types of constipation.

This information spurred a number of studies which revealed that Damiana leaf does help with many forms of anxiety and nausea. A curious fact is that this herb is often added to herbal smoking mixtures. It exhibits similar activities to cannabinoids; however, it is legal and the effects are small in comparison. While inhaling any type of smoke is detrimental to health; trials comparing its ingestion to cannabinol are ongoing.

Damiana Leaf Extract Upsides and Downsides

Damiana Leaf Extract Upsides

This herbal extract is relatively easy to find.

There is scientific data available for Damiana leaf and studies are continuing.

This supplement can be found for an affordable price.

Damiana Leaf Extract Downsides

More research is needed for the effects of Damiana leaf extract.

Pregnant and nursing women should seek professional advice before taking this herb.

Damiana Leaf Extract Purchase Hints

The company’s reputation should be reviewed.

Ensure that it offers a return policy.

Damiana Leaf Extract Final Vote

Damiana is thought to be an effective treatment for many health conditions.

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