How To Enjoy Sex With A Micropenis

How To Enjoy Sex With A Micropenis

According to reconstruction surgeon Dr Leo Doumanian, you qualify for a micropenis if your erection is limited to a fairly limp 2 inches. And according to the popular TV comedy, New Girl,  a micropenis looks like an “anteater being born.” It’s a charming way of describing someone’s love pump – and it’s certainly a new one on us – but does there remain a stigma attached to micropenises? And can guys with micropenises have any fun? More to the point, can their women have any fun, or do they instead have to watch an anteater being born for a few minutes? Is a micropenis one of the many male sexual health problems?

Only 1% of guys have a micropenis. It isn’t many, but at the same time it is because, in many ways, it essentially means that 1.5 million American males aren’t able to enjoy sex properly. Or are they? Because, whilst we often feel sorry for micropenis dudes and accuse them of penis envy, we have to wonder whether, actually, they can enjoy a fulfilling sex life, and whether impaling their woman on their hot micro rod is not completely impossible. After all, it’s still a penis, right?

According to Dr. Doumanian, the reason men with micropenises aren’t always able to enjoy a fulfilling sex life has nothing to do with their physicality, and everything to do with their mentality. “Many men with a true micropenis will have difficulty with healthy sexual relationships because of their insecurity.”

As a consequence, they have no partner. But get this: Men with micropenises are able lead a very enjoy and very fulfilling sex life. There are just a few things they should know:

Master Oral Sex 

If you can’t impale her with your 2” boner, you really need to master her erogenous zones. This is one way in which you can alwayskeep her happy. You’ve basically got to become Jedi at exploring and pleasuring her vagina. Unable to rely on a 6” stiff one, you have to instead adapt to the situation and be wiling to try anything to keep her happy. In this way, having a micropenis means you have to be more sexually open and knowledgeable.


Lesbians don’t have big cocks and yet they manage to send one another to heaven by tripping. Rubbing your micropenis against the most sensitive spot of her vagina will cause sensations like she never knew existed, and she’ll be recommending that all your couple friends try a bit of tribbing. 

Be Confident 

Okay, so you don’t have a massive cock swinging between your legs, but confidence goes a long way when it comes to good sex. Many guys who own a huge schlong aren’t necessarily the most confident – and they don’t always know what to do with it. They think their big boner is all they need and that just inserting it is more than enough to please a girl.

But good sex is a about confidence, and even if you have a micro, you can go a long way as long as you believe in yourself. If you can make your girl laugh and have a good time with her, sex can be oh so much better. 

There are, of coursed, other ways of improving your sex life, no matter the size of your penis. Whether you have a micropenis, or whether your 4” boner is causing you some problems in the bedroom, FCK FOREVER is an awesome mens sex health supplements that is guaranteed to extend the size of your erection and at the same time improve your sex life ten fold.