Fitness Myths Debunked

by Healthy American Male Staff
ripped guy doing floor crunches

You have probably heard different things about fitness, things that claim to be facts, but are they truly? So, if you are still training like you did even five years ago, you may need to get caught up on some fitness “facts” that are debunked. Don’t worry, these facts that have been debunked are going to be easy changes in your workout routine, it may even make some exercises easier. Here are a few of the fitness facts that have been debunked over the last few years.

Crunches are all you need to get abs

Okay, no. Of course, crunches are good for your core muscles, but you need to do more than that to get abs. Abs come from training seriously and a healthy diet. You also need to get enough sleep, reduce stress in your life, and of course, pick the right fitness plan.

Always do cardio first

Everyone always heads to the treadmills first when they go to the gym. You should strength training first. This will help to keep you out of the traffic jam at the treadmills and help you to have an accurate training program. Cardio should always come second in your workout routine. You will be able to train harder if you push cardio further down your workout routine. When you strength train first, you increase your testosterone levels which will be beneficial to the cardio that you do later.

man doing squats while holding kettle bellNever squat past your toes

One of the biggest myths out there is that you shouldn’t squat past 90 degrees. When your knees go over your toes while squatting it is actually much healthier for you. It is a more natural way for your body to squat than trying to keep yourself from going over your toes. Think about it, if you are squatting down naturally, you will have your knees go over your toes.

You should have electrolytes after every workout

While many sport drink companies will try to convince you of this, it is not true. Water can get you through just about any workout routine. The only time that you need electrolytes is after an intense cardio workout or long gym sessions that last an hour or more. The sugar that is in sports drinks is not great for you unless you are working out for more than an hour.

Static stretching needs to happen constantly

Studies have found that static stretching before athletic events is not absolutely necessary. By stretching before a workout, it can reduce the power that you have during your workout performance. You should be moving your static stretching to the end of your workout. It is better for you and for your muscles. They will be loosened and you will be less likely to experience soreness after a workout.

How much you sweat determines if your workout was worth it

Sweat does not always determine that you are working hard. For example, many athletes may not be drenched in sweat after a workout, because they rest between sets to save themselves from injury, but it does not mean that they were not working hard. How much you sweat depends on whether your training is based on endurance or strength.

Cardio can get you to shed all your extra pounds

Weight training can be more effective than cardio. Cardio is a good thing to add to your weight loss plan, but it should not be everything. Interval training with weight training is great for your weight loss. Remember that you also need to have a balanced diet if you want to lose weight.

Running is bad for your knees

Studies have shown that people who have run their whole lives, do not have worse knee health than those who haven’t. Contact sports are more likely to wear on your knees than running does. If you are worried about your knees, a total body strength workout about twice a week will help to strengthen your knees.

You need to work out for at least 45 minutes to get any benefits

Just ten minutes can help your cardiovascular health. Of course, it is suggested that you are active for at least 30 minutes daily, just some exercise is good for your cardiovascular health. Your cardiovascular health is so important to your whole body that you really need to focus on it throughout your whole life to live a long, healthy life.

man doing intense cable row workoutThe more time you spend in the gym, the better

You need to schedule rest days. Your body needs time to recover if you want to be healthy. Rest days help you to avoid unnecessary injuries, especially if you have been doing high intensity workouts. Working out daily can really harm your body more than it helps you. Make sure that you have at the very least one rest day a week.

Skipping sleep can cause weight gain

This fact is actually true! If you are skipping sleep, you are more likely to gain weight. By not having enough sleep, you will be more likely to be stressed and make bad decisions when it comes to your diet. Your body will try to compensate with sugars from junk food when you do not get enough sleep. Basically, the less you sleep, the more you eat, so the more weight you gain.

The best time to work out is in the morning

This is not a true fact. The best time to work out depends on the person. Basically, the best time to work out is whenever you are able to fit in a full workout consistently. If you have a preference for late night workouts, and can do it all the time, then do it. There is no specific time that is better for working out.

It takes two weeks to get out of shape

Your muscle tissues can start to break down after just a week of not working out. Stopping working out is not great for you. Try to workout at least three times a week so that you can stay in consistent shape.

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