Does Forskolin 1020 Work For Weight Loss?

by Jessica Lakes
Does Forskolin 1020 Work For Weight Loss?

Looking to stop carrying that tire around your waist, want a toned and tight body that you have been after for years that never quite seemed to come into fruition from just cutting the carbs and running? A weight loss pill may seem like an extreme last chance option to some, but for others it is an essential part of life. We have access to the technology to help us lose weight through carefully engineered supplements, so why not take advantage of it? Of course with weight loss, nothing is a magic bullet, but there are things that can support your dieting and hard work in the gym so you can get the best results instead of being disappointed when you step on the scale after a week of busting your butt.

Introducing Forskolin 1020

All natural weight loss

We are going to review this popular all natural weight loss product for you so you can determine if it can be the wonder tool you need to get the body you deserve. Forskolin contains a little known weight loss ingredient called forskohlii root extract, hence the name Forskolin. The US derived root extract claims to be able to do these three things for you:

  1. Melt excess fat
  2. Help you have mostly lean muscle
  3. Dissolve fatty tissues

What exactly is this weird sounding main ingredient?

Ingredients of Forskolin

The Coleus Forskohlii is a staple in Ayurvedic medicine traditions originating in India it has the power to lower blood pressure and prevent heart complications like palpitations and heart disease. Unfortuantely for this product, there is no clinical testing that has really proved, beyond a reasonable doubt that Forskolin has anything to do with weight loss. It is another one of those Dr. Oz cameo super ingredients that convinces middle aged women it can be a magic bullet for weight loss. Since then there have been several niche weight loss products that have come out with the ingredient, most likely to piggy back off the national television mention.

Who are the Manufacturers?

The manufacturers of Forskolin 1020 are a company called MaritzMayer Laboratories. They are a Georgia company who has made several differen weight loss supplements all containing these kind of “buzz” weight loss ingredients like Raspberry Ketone… another one of Dr. Oz’s “secrets” he talks about on his show that everyone then runs out and buy. It seems like the MaritzMayer company simply just piggy backs off whatever he says in hopes of making money. The company has closed complains, five of them to be exact which is a huge RED FLAG.

There are also several different Forskolin products the company makes and all of them have sketchy and terrible 1 star ratings abound.

I would not purchase this product, it seems like a total scam trying to capitalize on the Dr. Oz show trends that are pretty much old wives’ tales.

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