Getting Hard and Making It Last

by Jessica Lakes

Every man wants to stay erect for much longer to satisfy his partner. Would it not make you feel like a sex god if you see her gasping for air because your hard-on is so, well hard it puts her in a confused yet totally pleased state? While some can certainly deliver, others find it a bit more problematic. But there are ways you can try to address this unfortunate derailment in your sex life.

Take it easy on booze

preview-full-231 (1)Alcohol can cause impotence and it’s been known for some time. So, if you know you drink too much and you find it hard to make an erection last, this may be the culprit. Don’t be one of those men who can’t get it up all because he drank too much. That’s just sad.

Don’t overthink

While it’s normal for you to be worried of what she’ll think when you’re naked and how it’ll turn out during sex, thinking about it too much makes it harder for you to get a solid erection. Getting your mind relaxed is the only way you’re going to have a blast during intercourse. As long as you know what positions you like and she’s comfortable, you’re doing just fine.

Eat right

preview-lightbox-231 (2)Eating the right foods is vital if you want to make your erection last. Of course it’s not silly. After all, your erection and performance is connected to how healthy you are. Mostly foods rich in alkaline like broccoli and spinach help. Make sure you also load yourself up with complex carbs like whole wheat bread and proteins like fish and chicken. Consuming lots of junk food will make your bloodstream slower and more inactive. A highly acidic diet can actually affect your blood and can also cause impotence among other unpleasant health risks.

Add your dose of zinc

Taking zinc regularly can boost your testosterone levels, as well as sperm and seminal fluids. Zinc is actually the ideal nutrient for making your erections more powerful and long-lasting.

Try cock ring

This may not work for everyone, but maybe you’ll find it worth trying. The idea behind cock rings is to trap the blood in your penis in order for it to stay hard until ejaculation. There are also condoms available that come with a base ring, so that probably could help.

Do the towel technique

If you’re curious of your body parts and how they work you would know that there are ligaments and tendons at the base of your penis. Once exercised regularly, this can help to further your erections. To start, get an erection. Place a towel of about medium size over your penis. With your penis going downwards, contract your tendons, so you’re basically lifting the towel up. Release it so it goes down again. Do this exercise for about 5 minutes and see the results yourself.



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