How To Control Your Stress

by Jessica Lakes

If you’re not careful, stress can take over your life. It can dominate you, and it can kick your ass. If it’s not causing your solar plexus to tighten up, it’s making you needlessly bark at completely innocent people who are “fucking you over” by taking too much time to get out of the way at the supermarket. And it is isn’t doing this, it’s making you cry your eyes out in your bedroom in ways you never thought possible.

Stress is a vicious, relentless bastard that attacks from all angles. If you don’t hit back, it’ll keep striking you even when you’re down. Then it’ll pick you up and beat you down again. It’s a monster, but there are ways to combat it. There are ways to make yourself so much better and get rid of the big dark shadow that’s been hanging over you like some sort of mental cancer for months.

Drink More Orange Juice 

It was recently discovered that by feeding rats 200 mg of vitamin C twice a day, their secretions of stress hormones pretty much disappeared. The theory is that if orange juice calms a rat, it can calm you too.

Get A Dog 

Some pets are just more hassle than you really need, but a canine is your new best friend. Dogs provide awesome companionship and loyalty, and they’re always up for a cracking game of frisbee.

Don’t Drink Coffee Alone 

If you ingest caffeine all on your lonesome, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. But if you pop into your local Starbucks with your buddies, you’ll be feeling a lot less stressful.

Put Some Music On At Work 

Stress in the office is a pain in the ass. When we can’t get our heads around a task and see that time is running out, our stress levels go through the roof.

If you put some music on, though, you’ll be taking a huge load off. Play your favourite songs and see how much easier it is to complete your task.


If you’ve got a speech to give at work, but stress has got you by the balls, you should smile.

You see, stress – the vicious cantankerous bastard that it is – doesn’t like it when you smile. It shows that you’re winning. And it shows your audience you’re in control.

In turn, it’ll help you to relax.

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