How To Show You’re Interested With Your Body Language

man getting woman's attention in bar is more confident

This amazing person is sitting across the room, looking like a million bucks. You keep glancing in their direction. While women have about 52 ways to show they’re interested, you have around 10. But, what are those ways? How do you show you’re interested?

There are many ways, here are 12 of them. Many of these are automatic gestures, but you can use them deliberately to ensure your message is being received.

#1 Lift An Eyebrow

When two people find each other attractive they subconsciously lift their eyebrows and then let them fall. This makes the eyes look larger, brighter and inviting. To be sure the person you’re interested in knows you’d like to talk, hold your eyebrows up for a longer period of time. Subconsciously this move lasts about a fifth of a second, so by prolonging it to a second, you are almost guaranteeing the person sees it and understands you are interested.

#2 Part Your Lips

Like the above, this also happens automatically. But, knowing what you know now, you can use this deliberately when you lock eyes with that million-dollar person. If you notice they glance at your lips, they like you as well.

#3 Get The Person’s Attention

man staring at dateAdjust your tie or become a little louder. You can use these things to get the person’s attention. If this person is interested they should notice your tie adjustment, or preening, and respond to it with their own, unless they are very shy. But, even if that is the case, you may notice they look embarrassed or keep glancing at you. Becoming a little louder, but not overbearingly so, will differentiate you from the group. Use larger movements, but don’t be annoying.

If you are with your friends, move slightly away from them, so you can stand on your own. This will give you a higher chance of being noticed.

#4 Change Your Hair

When the person you’re digging looks at you either mess up your hair or smooth it. Do whichever you think makes you look more desirable. This will clearly send the message you are interested as it is used to show a potential mate you want to look good. When you do this, do it gently, so it looks very natural.

#5 Keep Your Eyebrows Raised

When the person you like is talking, keep your face interesting. This quizzical, slightly surprised face show s them you are fascinated. Or you think they are crazy. But, either way, it shows they have your attention. When you leave your face relaxed and smooth it doesn’t tell them you are interested.

#6 Pull Up Your Socks

A preening technique that began many years ago, pulling up your socks is a great way to show you’re interested. It sends strong signals you want to look good for this person. In the past, suits were worn infrequently but held up well against mothball. Socks, on the other hand, became worn. Men would pull up their socks to ensure they look well-dressed. History lesson complete, use your socks as a wing-man.

#7 Stand Tall

When in the presence of the person you like, keep your muscles tight. This will help you show your body in the best light. Stand in front of the person to show them they have your attention and lean forward for no real reason but to get closer.

#8 Let Them See You Checking Them Out

man checking out girl in bar more confidentRather than doing a quick glance at their body, let them “catch” yoy looking. This will let them know you are considering them as a sexual partner. This is an unmistakable move and if they are interested in you, you should get a response.

#9 Spread Your Legs While Sitting

When sitting opposite the person you’re interested in, show off your man-treasure. Open your legs and let them look.

Another way you can give them a sample is to stand with your hands on your hips. This shows your confidence and size. We often point our hands to the sexual assets we feel are best and the ones we’d like to be touched the most. This will show not only our interest in a romantic relationship but also a sexual one.

#10 Button And Unbutton Your Shirt

You may be doing this because you are nervous in the company of the person you like. This may also signal to them you want to remove your clothes.

If you really want to make this obvious, hold your jacket open by putting your hands on your hips. Finally, take your jacket off. This means you are really interested sexually.

#11 Touch Your Face, Often

Stroke your cheek or touch your face or chin. Mentioned before, this is automatic behavior, but if you want to deliberately do this, then feel free. This is nervous excitement, preening, and autoerotic touching combined into one. When attraction blooms, areas like your lips and mouth become more sensitive to stimulation. Not only does this feel good, but it tells the other person you’d be a good kisser.

#12 Play With Your Cup

Men often play with circular objects when they’re sexually interested. If the person you’re interested in is a woman, this can remind you of her breasts. Your subconscious is overflowing and it is being shown through your body.

These are just 12 ways you can show your interest through your body language. There are many others, like accidental-on-purpose touching and placing your hand in the small of your interest’s back. Use some of these and look for the response!

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