How to Spice Up Your Sex Life After 25

by Healthy American Male Staff
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Don’t fret if you feel as if your sex life is lacking. All couples hit a point where the same old same just isn’t enough anymore. Whether you are married, in a serious relationship, or two are “just hanging out,” your sex life can be very important. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple adjustments to get that old spark back. Here are a few ways that you can spice it up in the bedroom again.

Share Your Ideas

When it comes to bedroom, with someone that you want to be intimate with, never stop sharing your ideas. As mentioned earlier, the same old same old gets very boring, for both of you. Make sure that you are also pleasing her, as it tends to be a little harder for your partner to get the same feeling as you. Don’t forget that if you are bored, they probably are too.

Send Spontaneous Messages

Send your partner spontaneous messages throughout the day. Make it interesting by telling your partner what you want to do when you get home. Don’t be afraid to go into detail as this will help to keep your partner interested. This will help to build tension throughout the day and you’ll both be very excited to see each other when you get home.

Use Role Play to Spice Things Up

woman in underwear removing partner's jeansWhether you use role play in the bedroom, or outside of the bedroom, it can help to spice things up. If you are both willing to participate it can bring you two even closer together. Role play will definitely spice up the bedroom, but what about outside the bedroom? Many couples use alternate egos to go out and “meet for the first time.” Most couples really benefit from this as it can cause excitement that wasn’t there before. If this works for you and your partner, try doing it once or month or so.

Send Your Partner Gifts

If you don’t already, start sending your loved one small gifts every once in a while. They’ll love that you were thinking about them. Make sure that you are sending their favorite flowers, chocolate, or anything else you can think of. You can even send sexier items, like lingerie to your partner and ask them to model it for you.

Schedule Sex

This may sound ridiculous, and lacking emotion, but it can help the two of you keep to a regular sex schedule. We all get very busy and lose time that should be set aside for our loved ones. By scheduling sex, you can help to save your relationship with your partner, as you will both be anticipating as the day draws to an end. Long-term relationships should try this, as intimate moments aren’t always the first thing on the list when you two are together.

Create a Bucket List

Depending on how adventurous you and your partner are, this can be a sexual buck list or just a normal bucket list. As long as you and your partner are spending more time together, it will be time well spent. If you are in a long term relationship making a sexual bucket list may help to spice up the bedroom. You don’t have to get it all done in one night, that’s the best part about a bucket list, but can be there for when you two start to get bored again.

Sexy Scavenger Hunts

Get creative with this, as it can be done in many different ways depending on you and your partner. Basically, this is a fun way to get into bed together. Surprise your partner by doing this without warning, they’ll love the creative idea and will definitely want to play along, even if it just out of curiosity.

Try New Things

lovers kissing in kitchen covered in flourNever be afraid to do some research. Suggest trying new things to your partner before you do them of course. Make sure that they will be happy with what you want to do, or even look for new things to do together. New things will help to bring you two closer together and get rid of any boredom in the bedroom. Remember that new things don’t necessarily have to be in the bedroom, you can also try a cooking class or visiting a part of town you’ve never been to. Just being together and trying new things is sure to help with your relationship.

Create the Right Environment

For the best sex experience, you will need to create a good environment. You don’t want to have sex in a messy room, or at least you shouldn’t. Help your partner to keep things clean and they will be sure to want to have more sex with you. You should also add little things that they love, like their favorite scented candle or their favorite flowers by the bed. The right environment will create great experiences in the bedroom.

Make Your Partner Feel Sexy

If you have started to compliment your partner less over the years, not on purpose of course, sometimes all it takes is acknowledging their beauty again. This can help your partner feel special and to help rekindle that old flame that you had. By openly caring for your partner like you did when you first met, they will be taken back to that time, and so will you. Think of all the old things that you used to do that drove them wild and start creating those situations again. Begin appreciating your partner once again, and they will be sure to start appreciating you again.

Sometimes passion fades over the years but that is okay. It doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed or that you two aren’t right for each other anymore. It just means that there has to be more effort. As said multiple times, the same old same old just doesn’t cut it. Making your partner happy will also make you happy. Spicing up your sex life isn’t hard, it just takes a little more effort and care for your loved one.

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