How to Stay Fit When You are Above 40

by Kelly McBeth
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Exercise and a proper diet have always been the most effective way of maintaining good health and a fit physique, but what happens when you pass the age of 40? Do you think you have to look past the hill, which is intimidating for men?

Changes in the male body usually occur at the age of 40. The most common one is muscle loss. About 3 to 5 percent of the muscle mass drops each decade right after reaching the age of 30 and has a significant impact on metabolism.

It is also a fact that men live shortly than women. Scientists have been pondering the difference between the sexes for decades. It is safe to say that men have a high-risk of living less due to behavior like alcohol abuse, smoking, driving recklessly, long nights, and even going to war.

If you are very active during your early 20s, this only means you have a lot more muscle to lose when you reach your peak age. It is frustrating because it seems inevitable but wait! The good news is it can be controlled and mitigated!


Tips to Combat Complications of 40


If you are engaged in a strict lifestyle at an early age, why stop now? And if you are not, why not begin now? We will start with the basics. Instead of complicating your routine, we will keep it simple!

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  • Have a set of exercises- following a set of activities can help you control your weight while reducing the risk of heart diseases. It also improves mental health and mood and overall helps feel good about yourself. Who does not want to look and feel good? Probably not you! So, get up now, set, and follow your goals religiously!
  • Eat a balanced diet-most of us tend to lose it off and eat what they want that they often forget the effects of it. Trying to cut all the unnecessary nutrients which your body does not need is an effective way of maintaining a healthy body. A balanced diet includes a healthy amount of protein from fish, poultry and lean meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts and oils, legumes, and dairy.
  • De-stress- when you reach the age of 40, it is considered the peak of life. And with this peak comes stress and other factors leading to a midlife crisis. This dents the other aspects of your body, therefore, leading to some problems. While you decide to get fit, it is best to get your mind and body in sync to achieve this goal.
  • Do not skip the doctor-regular checkups are a must. It will help you get to know more about what underlying conditions you have and treat them immediately if you have any. Checkups may include diabetes screening, heart disease prevention, dyslipidemia screening, BMI evaluation, depression and anxiety screening, and other sexual aspects if you are trying to conceive at this stage.
  • Dietary supplements- Whether we like it or not, we cannot include in our diet all the vitamins and minerals. It’s either we do not have time to do it or we can’t eat some of the food sources. This is where dietary supplements go in. These supplements provide you with the necessary vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Some supplements may also help with your sexual health.


Middle Age Advice


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40 comes with a myriad of physical and mental changes that may seem inevitable. The most mature time for a man and a woman is the middle age period. There are plenty of ways on how to cope up with them. If you do, it is now about how you commit and how you engage.

Nobody has ever looked good by staying in his bed or his computer, watching or eating or thinking about what to eat next. It requires hard work and commitment.

You might think that being in your 40’s you will be like a secret recipe – getting better and more delectable with time. But this will only happen if you follow a healthy lifestyle. Depending on which country you are currently in, most people have only a life expectancy of 80, so if you’re in your 40’s it can be considered you’re in the middle of your life – not too old but not that young anymore.

This age also is a joyous and exciting time to look back and gain perspective of how you made it through and what can be through ahead of it. Do not let your body and mind deteriorate! You know what they always say – life starts at 40.


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