Killer Tips For Skinny Guys To Gain More Muscle

Killer Tips For Skinny Guys To Gain More Muscle

It’s a funny thing, but there are skinny guys out there who eat loads and just don’t have anything to show for it. Still down to the bare bones, they spend their days kicking their heels, wondering what in the hell they’ve gotta do to gain more muscle.

All the while, others are jealous of them and trot out the tired old line skinny guys have heard a million times before: “Man, you can eat whatever you want and still not put on any fat. I’m so jealous!”

Skinny guys don’t want your jealousy. They want meat on their bones. The problem is that, more often than not, they’re just not trying hard enough. Sure, they’re eating. But that alone is just not enough. And they might think they’re eating enough – but they’re just not.

Here are some killer tips to gain more muscle:

Train For Less Than An Hour

Too many of your problems may come about because you’re needlessly dragging out your workout. You – wrongly -assume that if you keep going for an extra hour the results will show in the form of more muscle.

This is incorrect.

Instead, you should focus on your intensity for less than one hour. Keep the intensity high and the duration low, and bingo! You’ve got it. The whole point is to work hard and not long.

Eating Has To Be A Habit

If you look at Bradley Cooper’s recently fitness schedule as he beefed up for his role in American Sniper, the guy ate like a machine. He was eating something every 55 minutes or so. That’s dedication, and this is what you need to do too.

Because you’re skinny, this means you have a super fast metabolism. In other words, pretty much as soon as you’ve eaten something, the calories are burnt quicker than trees in a forest fire. If you eat 3 meals a deal but they’re high in calories, you’ll remain skinny forever.

We suggest to stretch your meals to 5-6 a day (if you can afford it, of course). This means that your body is always being given something to metabolise, and in this way it will build muscle. It will be tough, but we learn so much more about ourselves when we push our bodies to the limit.

Focus On Progression

Okay, so you’ve got your workouts that are under an hour. Now you need to make sure that each progress sees a progression on its predecessor. In other words, you need to make sure that you’re making improvements in the volume.

This means you should look to add to the number of reps you do in each workout or increase the amount of weight you lift. Remember to increase the volume only slightly each time.

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