Lose fifteen Pounds in Thirty Days With these Steps

by Kelly McBeth

There are certain measures which can be taken to effectively lose weight fast. It is all about diligence and consistency. Most at times, we might not have this patience to get fit because we have an event to attend to under short notice. For this, a few steps would be taken to lose weight in a short period. This article is equipped to educate you on how to lose fifteen pounds in thirty days through the adherence of a few tips. These tips include:


Creating a Negative Energy Balance


When it comes to the process of burning excess weight, whether, for a short or long period, you must create a balance for your negativity. By creating this balance, you are bound to progress and get your fitness target achieved. This tip is one of the most tips to adhere to to get the best out of your thirty pounds. This is an easy tip that is most at times overlooked by individuals most especially those who want to lose weight in a short period. It is highly suggested that you begin by reducing your intake of calories by sixteen hundred calories for this thirty days’ time. This would ensure that you adhere to a safe weight loss journey.


Focus on Protein and Vegetables at most Meals


pre-workout salad meal

This is also another important factor which should be taken seriously. By including more protein and vegetables in your food while adding a smaller quantity of other foods, you have taken a huge leap in your weight loss journey. Protein is the source of food which ensures that you build lean and toned muscles while losing weight. The consumption of protein would enable you to retain your muscles while you shed off excess fat. Asides from maintaining your muscles, protein also aids in reducing your levels of craving thereby increasing your chances of burning fat. Apart from the essential nutrients which are gotten from the consumption of vegetables, it also aids in reducing your level of hunger because it is rich in water and also fiber. Protein and vegetable aids in keeping you full for a long period thereby reducing the number of calories you consume. The majority of your meal must be vegetable and protein for this thirty days weight loss journey.


Restrict Carbohydrates and Energy Dense Fat


Another important tip to losing weight extremely fast is by reducing your intake of carbohydrates and fats. These two food sources are highly responsible for the excess gaining of weight in individuals when taken in large amounts. To shed off excess weight, you must restrict your intake of these foods or eat them in moderation. The little amount of these foods which you must consume is for fueling your body to carry out its basic functions. By reducing your intake of these foods, you are bound to look leaner in a few days. You can consume little portions of come acceptable types of carbohydrates like rice, quinoa, potatoes, fruits, and even vegetables. You can also consume small quantities of acceptable fats like olive oil, butter, nuts, coconut oil, and even avocado.


Use Metabolically Demanding, Advanced Exercise Techniques


Because of the small period available for the loss of weight, some drastic acts have to be taken to ensure that you lose weight effectively. With the correct performance of your workout routines, you can burn at least a thousand calories in a day. By doing this, you, therefore, set your body into an after-burn effect which aids you to burn extra calories after working out. While performing resistance exercises, you must focus on compound exercises like squats, back exercises, deadlifts, lunges, and even pull-ups. The performance of these exercises would enable you to burn extra calories in a short period while boosting your metabolism rate for about forty-eight hours. There are a few exercises which are superb for losing weight.


Include HIIT Workouts for at least three to four times a Week


battle ropes workout

Apart from resistance exercises, you can include HIIT exercises to your workout routine. It is highly suggested that you perform HIIT in like three to four days in a week to shed off fat swiftly. While cardio aids in reducing your body fat, HIIT aids in reducing the excess fat in the body while maintaining your body muscles. The performance of HIIT aids in strengthening the body and improving the endurance level in individuals.




There are times when there is not enough time to take the slow method to be physically fit. During these times, drastic measures need to be taken to lose weight fast, measures like cutting off carbs, performing HIIT, and many more.

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