What Makes Women Desire One Night Stands?

by Jessica Lakes

What make women interested in having one night stands? This question has generated much interest and debate among men. It’s been lazily suggested that perhaps some women are just more predisposed to engage in no strings attached sex. Others believe that personal charm combined with a handsome face and a smooth game scores the victory. Every man secretly knows deep down that penis size does indeed matter and plays the leading role in satisfying women. Yet the idea of a large penis being crucial for attracting women has proven to be a rather unpopular idea among men. Yet, could penis size be the defining factor that persuades women to engage in no strings attached encounters??

Study Shows Women Love Girth

Studies have shown that women are willing to engage in one night stands if aware that a perspective sex partner possesses a sizable package. The University of California in Los Angles (UCLA) Sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience (SPAN) Laboratory Department conducted a study on penis size and one night stands. Female study participants were asked to feel 33 different 3D printed penis models and select one for a long term relationship and one for a one night stand.  Women consistently selected a small penis size for long term relationships.  Researchers suggested this was a reflection of the actual sizes women encountered in their long term relationships. The ideal penis size for a one night stand stands in stark contrast to the selected penis model for a long term relationship. Every female study participant selected a considerably larger penis size for one night stands; women desired a slightly longer penis with substantially more girth.

What Penis Size Did Women Prefer for One Night Stands?

Female study participants selected penises that were about 6.5 inches long for long term relationships. Desired penis size for one night stands was between 6.5 and 7 inches which are only slightly longer than models selected for long term relationships. The major difference between the models selected for relationships vs one night stands was penis girth. Women value girth over length in regards to penis size. Researchers state that girth contributes to increased female pleasure during sexual intercourse. The vagina contains numerous pressure sensitive nerve endings that easily detect any sensations of stretching; these sensors notice the presence or lack of penis girth and hence pleasure. Furthermore, penises with larger girth bring the clitoris closer to the vagina during sexual intercourse which is a known factor in achieving female orgasm.

What Does this Mean for the Average Guy Stuck in Stale Relationships?

This study is bad news for men lacking a large enough penis to satisfy women interested in one night stands. Studies clearly show that large penis size is a crucial requirement for pleasure and brief sexual encounters. The good news is that personality and charm do compensate for small penis size within the context of relationships. Women will sacrifice pleasure for a guy with a great personality if he is committed to settling down and raising a family. Yet, granted most men are interested in remaining independent and maintaining a varied sex life. It might be prudent for less endowed men to start a strict exercise regime and research the different best male enhancement supplements in order to start experiencing a more varied and pleasurable sex life.

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