Men’s Journal Votes Formula 41 Extreme

Men’s Journal Votes Formula 41 Extreme

The Best Penis Perfecting Pill Globally

Headlines surrounding male impotence, male enhancement prescription drugs, and supplements abound upon opening any publication on prevalent health issues. Studies reveal astounding statistics on the dramatic increase in sexual dysfunction encountered today in the male population. Statistics for 2015 estimate that anywhere between 15 to 30 million members of the United States male population will suffer and investigate treatment methods for impotence. The worldwide estimate is around150 million for men suffering globally from sexual dysfunction.

It is further reported that only one third of men suffering from impotence suffers seek professional medical advice to rectify the issue. There are more than 200 different prescription medications currently still available and prescribed which are known to cause erectile dysfunction. The two most common medical conditions which lead to this condition are Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Numerous other factors also affect impotence such as lifestyle: recreation drugs, cigarette smoking and alcohol.  Poor nutrition and lack of exercise also contribute to impotence. In light of disclosed facts, it’s obvious as to why the natural male enhancement supplement has become a multi-million dollar industry.

Most of the prescription medications available for the treatment of impotence today are associated with numerous annoying and dangerous side effects. These dangerous side effects include both cardiovascular distress and hypertension. Men’s health magazines have put added scrutiny on the dangerous associated with different prescription medications. Men’s Journal voted Formula 41 Extreme as the best natural male supplement available on the global market. Their investigation cites scientifically validated ingredients and actual results as the defining factors that make this product the number one option. The ultimate dream supplement contains safe and natural ingredients from superior growers and suppliers. Formula 41 Extreme includes all of the factors for being the ultimate male enhancement supplement imaginable.


One of the key components of Formula 41 Extreme is an amino acid called L-arginine. This amino acid is considered a biochemical building block. It is naturally obtained from fish, poultry, red meat, and many dairy products. L-arginine is added to many different supplements including work out supplements and specifically Formula 41 Extreme. Professional medical experts recommend it for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, especially concerning coronary arteries conditions, angina, and hypertension. This conditionally or semi-essential amino acid is not usually required by healthy individuals as their body produces it in sufficient concentrations naturally. Modern men are extremely busy and often neglect proper dietary intake. This leads to L-arginine deficiencies and, in turn, eventually leads to erectile dysfunction.

L-arginine is integral to numerous aspects of male health: healing injuries, cell division, repairing damaged muscle tissue and responsible for the production and release of crucial hormones. The body requires L-arginine in order to synthesize creatine which is another important hormone associated with muscle gain and body building. L-arginine promotes healthy sexual function, increases levels of testosterone, dramatically improves the libido, and promotes healthy erectile function.

Other Fantastic Formula

Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma Longifolia is an herbal ingredient that is indigenous to much of the Asian continent. It has been used as a strong aphrodisiac for centuries in ancient Asian medicine. This flowering herb is now recommended all over the world for erectile dysfunction and has actually been patented specifically for that use.

The Latin name for Muira Puama is Liriosma Ovata and it is yet another of the potent herbs found in Formula 41 Extreme. It is often referred to as the Viagra of the Amazon because this flowering herb is a dominant weapon in the arsenal against erectile dysfunction. Muira Puama improves the blood flow of the pelvic area, if used for short periods. If it is taken for longer intervals, it also improves the production and release of specific hormones including testosterone.

There is a great deal of discussion and amazement surrounding the gains associated with the use of Formula 41 Extreme. Men all over the world are finally finding an effective resource for fighting the battle against impotence and poor sexual performance Formula 41 Extreme offers a viable solution without any of the harsh side effects. This male enhancement supplement is a bright light at the end of the tunnel which also happens to be completely safe and 100% pure. Formula 41 Extreme promote the healthy and natural functioning of numerous body systems and improves sexual health.