Naturally Dealing with Stress

by Healthy American Male Staff
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Everyone is consumed by stress at least one time (or a hundred times) in his or her lives. Let’s admit it, stress sucks. There is literally nothing good about it. It brings us down. It targets are mental and physical.

Okay, so stress can technically be good. It is a motivator. For example, when we’re stressed out right before an exam, or when we’re stressed out right before a huge company meeting, the pressure of the stress can drive us to perform even better than we would have without the stress. But what’s bad about stress, really?

Stress can drive us to visit the doctors more often. Stress can put our hormones all out of whack. Stress can trigger inflammation throughout the body. And stress can provide us with so many more negative impacts. Even still, what is known as chronic stress (stress that happens for a long period of time) can do more severe damage to the body, including but not limited to an increase in heart rate, increasing risks of heart disease and diabetes, chronic weight gain, mental and digestive disorders, and even cancer.

So, how do we get rid of this annoying stress? And, better yet, how do we get rid of this annoying stress the natural way, without pharmaceutical medications? One way is to add a full spectrum hemp oil to your diet, which is a natural way to fight stress and pain. Follow me on this mini journey of figuring out the best ways to cure stress by yourself and on your own time. Then, pick what procedures help you most.

Exercise. For example, do yoga.

yoga class, flexibility exercise to reduce stressExercise is great for the body, mind, and soul. It’s a natural anxiety reliever, and calms your stress levels with little to no effort.

During exercise, endorphin chemicals are released into the brain. Such chemicals act as natural painkillers and/or mood lifters. This is why those that are lazy and lounge around on the couch all day tend to feel more stress.

Exercise helps with stress. But it also has many other capabilities, too. Exercise improves insulin sensitivity, raises confidence levels, allows for better thought processes, and lowers depression. In addition, exercising daily can improve sleep patterns, which in turn balances hormone levels and helps muscle recovery processes go smoothly.

In particular, yoga helps calm the mind in the present, and in the near future, in regards to stress. Helping with sleep and maintaining a healthy level of anxiety is yoga’s #1 job, specifically in women.

Also, add in some music to really relax your mind while you’re exercising. Don’t put heavy metal on, but put your favorite band, group, or solo artist on your headphones and let the exercises calm you.

Meditate. For example, say a devotional prayer every day.

Meditating may be difficult to do at first, but fight through it and you’ll get the great benefits of little to no anxiety and less worry. And what’s more is that meditating can be done wherever you want and whenever you want. A simple ten minutes a day will do the trick.

Meditation and prayer have been used for thousands of years as natural stress relievers. Seeing as it’s been around for so long, it’s no wonder it works well. Emotional and physical aspects and problems of life are taken away, anxiety and depression are improved, sleep is improved, pain is reduced, etc. Even science backs this method.


acupuncture to relax and relieve stressAcupuncture has been known to reduce stress levels within the body, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, infertility, and psychiatric disorders. Plus, acupuncture is highly recommended for those people out there that have heart related problems. Why? Because the procedure helps maintain a balance within the nervous system. In turn, blood pressure is stabilized, circulation is improved, and hormone levels are constant.

Diet filled with nutrients.

Nutrients are phenomenal for our health, and for maintaining healthy stress levels. Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants shoo stress away. Some of the best nutrients to rid your body of stress are:

  • Food with vitamin B present

    • These foods allow the body to have an ample amount of energy to convert food into usable nutrients throughout the body. Examples would be grass-fed beef, poultry, and green vegetables.
  • Food with adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium

    • Such foods are good for helping with muscle growth and sleep. Examples would be green vegetables, avocados, and nuts.
  • Food with adequate amounts of protein

    • Foods with high protein provide the body with the required amount of amino acids to help with good overall body functioning.
  • Food that have healthy fats within them

    • Healthy fats and foods with omega-3 fatty acids help get rid of inflammation and help with mood stabilization. Examples would be avocado, coconut oil and olive oil.

Outdoors. Spend more time outside. Be more social.

If you allow yourself social time, your stress levels will decrease drastically. And, adding the outdoors into the mix allows stress to dissipate even quicker. For example, when you’re outdoors, the thought of you being a small piece of the big picture may come to mind. For example, seeing trees swaying in the wind, seeing children laughing and playing, and seeing dogs play fetch will help you out with your own stress. Try it before you knock it.

Start journaling.

It may sound extremely cheesy, but it does work. Journals allow you to keep track of your emotions tow3ards stress, your daily activities, and the events that you experience that may impact stress levels positively or negatively. And, it’s easy to keep track of so that way if you ever need to go back and check out some reoccurring issues, you can, and you can even potentially stop the problems before they’re in full bloom.

Plus, journals can help you stay organized, and the more organized you are, the less stress will come your way. You won’t miss appointments and you’ll be likely to be on top of things before it gets too late.

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