NeuroScience AdreCor – Is this product the best?

by Jessica Lakes
NeuroScience AdreCor - Is this product the best?

When we get older, we want to feel young again – fact. There are ways to counteract the drastic changes that we are forced to endure with aging. Especially if you take care of yourself by ensuring good nutrition and light exercise; supplements can also assist you to improve up the aspects of health in which you might feel is lacking,

Do not spend forever looking at all the labels and trying to figure out which product is best for you – we do the comparisons and research to make it simple for you! Based on the results of clinical testing and our expert knowledge when it comes to natural herbs and their effects – we can offer you accurate information about which supplement is best to suit your needs.

The product

If you are looking to improve your memory and concentration then NeuroScience AdreCor is a product that claims to improve the cognitive functions as well as giving you energy and reducing fatigue.

Full of multivitamins, this brain enhancement supplement focuses on fighting anxiety and stress by nourishing the brain and working to rejuvenate the adrenal glands.

Anyone who suffers the low levels of the following: cortisol, epinephrine or norepinephrine will benefit from taking this natural alternative.

The ingredients and their advantages

NeuroScience AdreCor - Formula

There is a large dose of each of these components: Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, L-methionine, N-acetyl tyrosine and L-histidine, Zinc, Rhodioa rosea, Epigallocatechin gallate and Magnesium.

The amino acids are the best advantages within each pill and they support the function of the adrenal glands. L-methionine is also responsible for assisting the pathways of methylation.

All the ingredients have been tested and proved that individually, they have a positive effect on the brain itself. Because they are all natural they cause no harm or side effects (so long as they are not mixed with any other brain medications).

The Vitamins are used to support the immune system by acting as powerful antioxidants. This also dramatically affects the function of the adrenal glands when combined with Zinc. B-Vitamins are crucial for recovery and testosterone production.

To reduce stress on the body and the amount of strain that will ultimately cause fatigue there is a herbal extract by the name ‘Rhodioa rosea.’

Finally, the substance that reduces levels of catecholamine through the blockage of COMT enzymes you have Epigallocatechin gallate.

Product value

Improve cognitive functions

As far as supplements go, a bottle that only contains a month’s supply of 180 pills at $43.95 is quite expensive. The dose that is recommended is 1-3 pills to be taken twice daily.


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