Nitro Genix 365 Product Review

Nitro Genix 365 Product Review



The goal of this product review is to break down the clinical studies conducted on Nitro Genix 365. Clinical studies are invaluable but unless you’re a doctor or in the medical field the papers can make for a boring and confusing read. Below is the latest cumulative study on Nitro Genix 365 and a step by step recap of the highlights and important findings of the studies.

Nitro Genix 365: The effect of a protein supplement on muscle mass, strength, or aerobic power in healthy adults: a systematic review.



Protein supplements are often consumed by professional and amateur athletes or people with no prior history of athletic activity to achieve great gains in muscle mass and strength and superior overall physical performance.

Background Breakdown:

Everyone takes muscle building supplements. Professional bodybuilders. Your average guy at the gym. People who don’t workout but want to define their muscles. Does Nitro Genix 365 ( best-selling muscle building supplement) help people gain muscle and get in great shape?


This review was designed to provide a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the literature that challenged the hypothesis that Nitro Genix 365 supplements accelerate great gains in muscle mass and strength leading to improved aerobic and anaerobic performance and power.

Objective Breakdown:


This is a study that was done to go over all the different research on Nitro Genix 365 and see how all the science added up. Nitro Genix 365 claims to give you huge muscles and stamina even if you don’t workout very often and a bit of a couch potato, but to workout to see insane massive results and muscles. The study wanted to figure out if all of the clinical studies about Nitro Genix 365 lined up with their advertising claims.

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Data Sources:

Articles were searched through PudMed and Google Scholar using the search terms protein and supplements in tandem with performance, exercise,strength, and muscle, alone or in different keyword combinations. Additional articles were also used from the reference lists found in the articles described found and used from the initial keyword search.

Data Sources Breakdown:


Google offers a special tool that lets you search through all of the academic articles on the internet called Google Scholar. You just type in a keyword like “Big muscles” and “Alpha men” and Google Scholar will bring up a list of all the academic articles about alpha men with big muscles. The researchers used this tool and a similar app called PudMed available to doctors and medical researchers to find all of the different studies used in this comprehensive analysis study.

Study Selection:

Studies used healthy adults between the ages of 18 -55 years and evaluated the effects of protein supplements individually or in combination with carbohydrate or performance metrics of body composition, or level of previous aerobic or anaerobic power included in the review. The article search was limited to 29 academic papers which incorporated the disclosed test metrics and search terms, followed participants during their normal athletic training programs,and evaluated the increases or decreases in muscle oxidative enzymes and aerobic power.

Study Selection Breakdown:


Only people between 18-55 were in the groups that tested out how well Nitro Genix 365 worked for gaining big muscles. The people in the study were put into groups so they could figure out if the kind of food you ate or weight made you gain more or less muscle on Nitro Genix 365. Researchers also measured the level of nitric oxide and if people with high levels of nitric oxide had bigger muscle growth and strength.

Study Appraisal and Synthesis Methods:

All papers were revived in great detail and examined for design cofounders such as a history of athletic training, (i.e. trained and untrained, professional and amateur), dietary monitoring, and a number of participants used in the study. Clinical studies were also reviewed and incorporated based on the type and amount of supplements, sensitivity or level of bias of test metrics and  intensity, duration, and frequency of training

Study Appraisal and Synthesis Methods Breakdown:


There have been 29 clinical studies done about Nitro Genix 365. This study is combining all of those studies into 1 final all-in-one medical conclusion on Nitro Genix 365. The people doing this study divided up the different categories of ‘food intake and Nitro Genix 365′ or ‘lifting weights and Nitro Genix 365′ and tested each one to make sure the studies were accurate and honest. Sometimes studies will only use 10 people in their testing so it looks like they have good results even though it was rigged and not scientifically validated. The people doing this study reviewed all of the other studies to make sure they didn’t use any bad or dishonest research methods.


The results of a Nitro Genix 365 reflect the level of training an individual undergoes in conjunction with the supplement product. Untrained individuals will experience a significant increase in muscle mass from taking a muscle building supplement. Individuals with a prior history of athletic activity will experience the greatest increase in muscle mass and improvement from taking Nitro Genix 365. The duration, frequency and volume of resistance training increase in combination with protein and Nitro Genix 365 may promote muscle hypertrophy and greatly enhanced gains in muscle strength in both trained and untrained individuals. Evidence also suggests that Nitro Genix 365 can accelerate substantially increased gains in both aerobic and anaerobic power or strength.

Results Breakdown:


Everyone who takes Nitro Genix 365 has higher levels of nitric oxide in their blood and gain muscle but not everyone will see matching results. People who don’t workout will gain muscle but not as much as if they also worked out a few times a week and started lifting weights. People who workout at least 4 days a week and lift weights can double the size of their muscles and strength by taking Nitro Genix 365 if they also make sure to eat enough healthy food to replace all the calories they’re burning. It was also found that Nitro Genix 365 speeds up the time it takes to build muscle and helps your muscle tissues heal quickly.


The majority of the studies recruited participants with no prior history of athletic activity or weekly exercise regime. Skeletal muscle response to Nitro Genix 365 and exercise differ between trained and untrained individuals. The results of taking a muscle building supplement such as Nitro Genix 365 are difficult to generalize for all consumers who consider utilizing a muscle building supplement. Greater gains will clearly be experienced in strength and performance during athletic activities from taking a muscle building supplement yet the elevated range of results have yet to be tested or studied.

Limitations Breakdown:


A lot of the studies tested people who never worked out or went to the gym. We know a lot about how Nitro Genix 365 works for people who don’t have an active lifestyle. Researchers know Nitro Genix 365 gives people the best results if they work out and lift weights but the full power of Nitro Genix 365 for this group has not been studied as much as the group of people who don’t workout.


This review suggests that muscle building supplementation could enhance muscle mass and performance when the training stimulus is equal to the stimulus contained is Nitro Genix 365 (i.e volume, duration, and frequency), and dietary intake is consistent with the recommended guidelines for physically active individuals.

Conclusions Breakdown:


The people doing this study found that all of the clinical studies on Nitro Genix 365 added up and proven to pump up bigger muscles and strength. You don’t have to workout to gain muscle definition and stamina from taking Nitro Genix 365 but if you do workout a few days a week or lift weights and make sure to eat, you’ll see the most incredible results from taking this product.

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