What Planking Exercise Can Do When Performed Everyday

by Jessica Lakes

Bodyweight workouts are becoming everyone’s favorite because of how simple and practical it is done – you basically get fit by using your own weight. Planks are one example of bodyweight workouts that remain well-used and effective. Planks are efficient and expedient because they don’t need much time, yet they generate notable outcome.

One significant change doing planking exercises daily can do is fortifying your core. This eventually leads to spine support.

So, what can happen if you start doing planking exercises every day?

You will enhance core definition and overall performance


For strengthening abdominal muscles, planks are one of the ideal exercises you can perform. This is because planks cover all major core muscle groups. This includes transverse abdominus, the rectus abdominus, the external oblique muscle and the glutes. Each of these core muscle groups has different purpose and function. Thus, fortifying each one should not be underrated. If you build up these muscle groups, remarkable results are obtained.

Strengthening the transverse abdominus boosts your capacity to haul up heavier weights.

Strengthening the rectus abdominus augments your athletic performance, especially with sports that involve jumping. This muscle group is also the one in-charge of delivering the much-wanted six pack appearance.

Strengthening the oblique muscles heightens the facility for twisting the waist and bending the sides.

Strengthening the glutes gives you strong and well-shaped buttocks, as well as supports your back.

You will reduce the likelihood of back injury and spinal column

Performing planking exercises is the kind of workout that ensures you’re developing muscles while also guaranteeing that you’re not accumulating too much pressure on your hips or spine. Executing planks on a regular basis essentially lessens back pains and fortifies your muscles. It also sturdily holds up your entire back.

You’ll have an improved metabolism

Planking is a great way to bring significant changes to your body. Performing them on a daily basis will allow you to torch more calories than other standard abdominal exercises like sit-ups. The muscles you fortify when planking every day will ascertain that you torch more energy even when inactive. This is particularly vital if you spend a great deal of your time sitting on your desk. Thus, spending a mere 10 minutes of planking whenever the opportunity suits you will not only deliver an increased metabolic rate but it will also guarantee that the said metabolic rate continues to be high throughout the day, even when you’re sleeping.

You will essentially enhance your posture

Performing planks remarkably augments your capacity to have a greater stance. It helps make you stand straight and strong. By strengthening your core you’re giving yourself the amazing ability to have the right posture all the time because your abdominal muscles have an intense impact on the entire state of your neck, shoulders, chest and back.

You will develop overall balance

Being capable of standing on one leg for more than mere seconds translates to having good balance. Otherwise, you have a problem – your muscles in the abdomen are not sturdy enough to provide your much required balance. Planking can rectify this, specifically performing side planks and planks with extensions. With overall balance, you also become more competent in athletic activities.

You will enhance your flexibility

Performing planks daily allows you to be more flexible. Planking widens and stretches all your posterior muscle groups such as the shoulders, shoulder blades, and collarbone. It also stretches your hamstrings, your feet arches, and toes. If you add a side plank into the routine, you can also work on developing your oblique muscles. Flexibility means being able to perform other forms of workouts with competence.

You will reap mental gains

preview-full-plank (1)It has also been discovered that planking has a certain impact on the nerves, hence, planking exercises are a great way to boost mood in general. This is because planking can make you stretch out muscles that add to stress and tension in the body. Being sedentary for a significant span of time is one setting that can put too much stress on the nerves and muscles. Fortunately, planks can remedy that. It can even help relieve symptoms of depression and cure anxiety, as long as you make it part of your everyday regimen.




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