Procera AVH Review- Is it effective?

by Jessica Lakes
Procera AVH Review- Is it effective?

Procera AVH Outline

One of the most complicated function of the brain is to match a word to an image. It is the glitch when people cannot quite remember the word that they are looking for.

This could be from fatigue; lack of invigorating physical activity; poor dietary intake; or aging.

This situation will only be exacerbated by ignoring it and may lead to memory issues; inability to concentrate; and/or brain fog.

Procera AVH is a supplement that was created to be a natural alternative treatment for cognitive dysfunction.

The claim is that clinical trials were conducted on it in Australia and it caused both cognitive stimulation and memory improvement.

Its manufacture’s name is Brain Research Labs and it is guided by co-leaders Josh Reynolds and Dr. Robert Heller

Research has shown that the daily supplementation with Procera AVH can prevent cognition declines during the aging process.

Procera AVH Ingredients and Functions

proceraavh-ingredientsandfunctions-brainfogProcera AVH offers three chief actions which in conjunction can clear away brain fog and sharpen focus.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine rejuvenates the brain by prompting circulation and thereby increasing the oxygen levels in the cerebral cortex. This boosts the neurotransmitter choline which is essential to both focus and recall. It reduces brain fog promoting optimal cognitive function by battling oxidative damage through antioxidant supplementation.

Huperzine A maintains cell membranes and enhances the levels of other vital neurotransmitters. It protects acetylcholine from oxidative stress and increases its necessary presence in the cerebral environment.

Vinpocetine is a derivative of Chinese Club Moss which increases circulation in the brain thereby enhancing the delivery of required cell nutrients; reinforces their membranes; and heightens their communication.

The directions advise users to consume 3 capsules every day with meals. They also state that it should not be consumed within 6 hours of going to sleep.

Procera AVH Advantages and Disadvantages


Procera AVH Advantages

The ingredients have been proven effective through scientific research.

Brain Research Labs offers consumers a money back guarantee.

There have been clinical trials conducted with this specific formula which has proven it effective.

Procera AVH Disadvantages

There have been court proceedings over Procera AVH and its claims of efficacy.

Not all of the user reviews are written in a positive light.

The clinical trials conducted were much smaller than is generally required in the scientific community.

A few users had issues with the product relating not only to effectiveness, but side effects. The most common is increased blood pressure.

While the ingredients are listed and individually proven effective, Brain Research Labs says it is a proprietary blend and consumers are not privy to specific amounts.

Shop Spot

Procera AVH is available for purchase in a number of vitamin and supplement websites as well as GNC and Amazon.

It may also be purchased from as:

60 Count – $34.95

90 Count – $49.95

3 x 90 Count – $139.95

Final Vote

Procera AVH probably des offer some memory enhancing and cognition boosting benefits; however, the courts ruled against them and their claims of efficacy in the case of Procera AVH. There were also some users who experienced increases in blood pressure upon using the supplement. This is probably not the wisest choice of supplement purchases.

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