Prostalex Plus Review: Are the claims true?

by Jessica Lakes
Prostalex Plus Review: Are the claims true?

Prostalex Plus Inquiry

Scientific research has revealed 30 million men are currently under treatment for a prostate enlargement. Less than 20% of them are unaffected by any type of prostate disorder.Prostalex Plus is alleged to be

intended as an answer to this health emergency. It supposed to alleviate many of the symptoms associated to these various conditions. This include nocturia, or frequent urination at night, and pain while urinating.The creators claim the formula will support a healthy prostate and defend this gland against the countless ailments that plague these men today. They also say it will provide the most powerful solution available on the supplement market.

Prostalex Plus Properties and Actions

Prostalex Plus Ingredients

Phytosterols are extracted from botanical materials and the best form is thought to be Beta-Sitosterol. It can revitalize the libido and lessen an enlarged prostate.

Another property known to promote men’s health is derived from Saw Palmetto. Studies show can hinder the growth of hormone linked prostatic cancer and produce prostate diminishing effects.

An Asian medicine regularly called Stinging Nettle presents added prostate health support. It demonstrated the ability to perform this duty via five separate methods at the same time.

Another popular collection of phytosterols are extracted from Pygeum Africanum. It acts as a dominant anti-proliferative agent. It helps to relieve several of the symptoms associated with urinating.

Pumpkin Seed extract is currently under professional scrutiny. It has been discovered that it produces powerful inhibiting actions which retard the progress of prostate enlargement. It safeguards against growth through by blocking hormone conversions.

Prostate health

Vitamin D can radically suppress aggressive prostate cancer and retard tumorigenesis.

Lycopene is a world famous anti-oxidant verified by the scientific community.

Men are often found zinc deficient upon diagnoses of prostatic cancer.

The manufacturers say for best results take 1 pill each day.

Prostalex Plus Upsides and Downsides

Prostalex Plus Upsides

Consumers can find great reviews for the effectiveness of Prostalex Plus.

Customers can also read many published studies on the individual components.

Displeased customers must request a refund within 60 days.

This is an inexpensive prostate supportive solution.

Prostalex Plus Downsides

No research has been conducted on this specific formula.

Reviews, though positive, are quite limited.

The manufacturer only allows 60 days to process refunds.

These are several health concerns listed on the Prostalex Plus supplement package.

Purchase Location

Several supplement and vitamin websites offer Prostalex Plus as well as Amazon, GNC, and Walgreens. A 30-day supply is 30 capsules which costs under $20.

Last Call

The properties have been examined; however, the end formula has never been investigated for efficacy. While there is praise for the use of this prostate protective supplement, there are very few reviews of any kind to be found anywhere on the internet. With these facts considered, there is no way to tell whether Prostalex Plus is effective as a cancer treatment or not. Again, weighing the information, it does seem like it could be beneficial to an aging prostate and it is only a small cost to give it a shot.

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