Prostate Revive Review: Are the claims true?

by Jessica Lakes
Prostate Revive Review: Are the claims true?

Prostate Revive Inquiry

Men above 50 years of age usually experience some sort of prostate problem. The most common of them inflame the prostate. This gland grows continually through a man’s life and supporting the health of the prostate should be a high priority. Prostate Revive was created to solve this health crisis and Medix Select says that this recipe of plant properties can not only guard the prostate from these health issues, but completely heal those which already exist. Prostate Revive further claims that its combination is more potent than any other in the world.

Prostate Revive Properties and Actions

Prostate Revive Properties

Plant sterols are extracted from a various plants and have demonstrated an ability to enhance the libido while reducing prostate inflammation.

Another compound known to support men’s health is expressed from a plant called Saw Palmetto. Research revealed that it can retard the growth of hormone related prostatic malignancies and incite prostate shrinking effects.

An Asian medicine called Stinging Nettle delivers more prostate support. It has been proven to have the ability to accomplish this task via separate pathways at the same time.

Prostate issues

Another popular collection of herbal sterols is extracted from a cherry tree named Pygeum Africanum. It works as an anti-proliferative agent on cancer cells of prostate tissue. It aids in relieving many of the symptoms that often result while urinating.

Pumpkin Seed powder is currently under scientific and medical scrutiny. It has been discovered that it produces powerful prohibiting actions which significantly slows the progress of prostate enlargement. It shields against prostatic growth blocking the conversion of specific hormones.

Vitamin D suppresses prostatic cancer aggression and dramatically hampers tumorigenesis.

Lycopene is a world-renowned and scientifically verified anti-oxidant which is obtained from tomatoes.

Zinc citrate is extremely important to the health of the prostate gland and can impede metastatic behavior in prostate cancer cells.

The Medix Select say for best results take 2 pill each day.

Prostate Revive Upsides and Downsides

Prostate Revive Upsides

Consumers can find great reviews for the effectiveness of Prostate Revive.

Customers can also read many studies on the individual compounds.

Displeased customers must request a refund from Medix Select within 90 days.

Multi-purchases qualify for a discount on many websites.

Prostate Revive Downsides

No research has been conducted on this specific Prostate Revive formula.

The number of negative experiences are about equal to the positive.

Medix Select is a high dollar manufacturer and this supplement is quite costly.

Purchase Location

Several supplement and vitamin webpages offer Prostate Revive as well as Amazon and A 30-day supply is 60 capsules which costs around $40.

Last Call

The properties have been studied; however, the end product has never been investigated for efficacy. While there is praise for the use of this prostate protective supplement, there just as many complaints on the internet. It is also a costly solution to prostate health support. With these facts weighed, it does not seem like this is worth the money.

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