Reduce Workplace Stress

by Jessica Lakes

Stress has never been good for you. It causes a number of problems throughout your body, both physically and mentally, and it wears you down. Of course scientists never seem to agree on anything and they’ll say it’s good for you then it’s bad for you seemingly one day after the next. But the truth is that it definitely doesn’t feel good and if you aren’t feeling good then you’re not doing good.

Physical stress means that you’ve put your body through something difficult. Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time exercising and now your body is just plain tired out. Maybe you pulled a muscle in your leg or your back. This type of stress can be painful and it can take a while to overcome. You may need to spend a lot of time in physical therapy or trying to work your way back to the level that you were at previously.

On the other hand mental stress can be even more damaging. Though physical stress affects the way your body feels, mental stress can do this and more. It can actually affect your body in additional ways such as increasing your blood pressure and decreasing your immune system. That means you have a higher risk of dangerous health conditions and even milder ones as well.

Mental stress can be difficult to overcome because it seems to hit you from all sides. You feel run down, tired and you experience pain, trouble concentrating, trouble completing even simple tasks. Unfortunately, a number of jobs will lead you to these levels of stress. It’s nearly impossible to have a job that won’t cause you at least some stress after all. Even jobs that may seem simple will start to wear on you over time. If you’re experiencing stress, however, there are things you should do:


Make sure that you’re talking to someone about your concerns or problems with your workplace. This could mean talking with your boss so that you can get an idea of what you should be doing and how you can improve things around the office.

Get Help

If you don’t know what you’re doing or you don’t think you can complete a task on time then make sure you’re asking for help. This will lessen the amount of stress that you feel and it also helps to remove the pressure you’ll have if you don’t finish the project in time.

Abolish Deadlines

Of course it’s impossible to completely get rid of deadlines but try to get rid of as many as you can. Getting rid of deadlines is going to help you feel less stress because you don’t feel like you’re being rushed to finish something that you just can’t get done.

Listen to Music

Classical music has actually been proven to boost your performance levels. This is important and it’s going to help you feel calmer and it’s definitely going to allow you to accomplish even more. It may seem strange, especially if you never listen to classical music, but you actually will reap the benefits.

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