A Review of Atro-Phex: Is this Product Harmless and Efficient?

by Jessica Lakes

Getting to Know Atro-Phex

When searching for the right weight loss products, there are many factors and features you need to see. Essentially, losing weight means you have to reduce your calorie consumption each day, that’s why it is necessary to make meal plans that are low in calories and exercise regularly to torch more calories, as well. As for weight loss products, they usually function by boosting your metabolism so that the body’s mechanism to torch more calories increases. This is how Atro-Phex functions, or at least how it is claimed to work. But the question remains, does this really work or not? Could this trigger side effects? These questions will be addressed as we go along.

This weight loss supplement comes from a reputable company called BSN. This product does not only promote weight loss, it also boosts your energy levels even though you’re following a low calorie diet to help you become productive when exercising. This is a strong characteristic that Atro-Phex has, since people who are dieting usually struggle with low energy. This makes them feel weak that they can no longer exercise further. Atro-Phex also delivers other health benefits, such as improved mood, body mechanism and physical functions and performance. Finally, this weight loss product also promotes better wellness, mental concentration, regulated metabolic rate and better thyroid capacities. Overall, Atro-Phex becomes efficient as a weight loss agent by increasing the metabolism.

What are the Components in Atro-Phex?


This particular weight loss product has a mixture of components that deal with losing weight and torching of fat from various positions. Atro-Phex utilizes adipose atrophy and energy stimulator matrix. With these, the energy levels are boosted and body fat is disintegrated. These are: beta-phenylethylamine malate, beta-phenylethylamine, hordenine HCL, green tea leaves, i-FAS50, methylxanthine, tuber fleeceflower root, Chinese mistletoe stem, bitter orange naringin, bioprene, yohimbine HCL and razberi-k.

In some studies, it has also been shown that these components are helpful when it comes to shedding pounds. One example is the bitter orange, which is actually a well-known component in several supplements intended for losing weight and has also been used for over 10 years. It has also been clinically demonstrated to be functional in rousing the torching of fat in the body.

Meanwhile, green tea leaves have compounds that have gone through scientific tests, which have been also established to encourage the dissolution of fat. Nevertheless, it wasn’t explained elaborately on the product site how every component in Atro-Phex’s formula specifically functions.


Furthermore, Atro-Phex has components that are said to help in improving your mood and your brain functions. These are N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine-ethyl-ester monohydrate, common periwinkle, vitamin B6, vincamine, vinpocetine, vinburnine and vitamin B9.

In addition, Atro-Phex has components that concentrate on water retention. These are juniper berry extract, European goldenrod, dandelion leaf, and lovage. This product also promotes insulin support with the presence of Cinnulin PF. This is a form of cinnamon extract that came from bark. Meanwhile, there are 7-keto and dicana responsible for healthy thyroid capacities. This is significant in order to sustain a healthy weight.

Atro-Phex Product Features

This product aids in boosting the metabolism.
It aids in the maximization of mood and brain functions.
Some of the components in Atro-Phex went through scientific studies and was demonstrated to be efficient.
Atro-Phex comes from a reputable company that manufactures health supplements.
Atro-Phex garners several good reviews from users saying this supplement actually works.
Also, nearly all of the feedbacks on Atro-Phexacre are optimistic.
Customers say that Atro-Phex delivers a pure energy that you can’t find in other fat burners because they’re filled with unnatural, synthetic feeling.

Safety Reminders and Health Precautions

Reading and following the instructions on the product label is a must in order to avoid experiencing any adverse reactions. Begin use of Atro-Phex with one capsule without food. After your body starts to tolerate this supplement, you can proceed to consuming another capsule after 4-5 hours. It is also important to note that asking for your physician’s advice is necessary before going through this kind of supplementation process. In the case that you have sensitivity to stimulants, then it’s possible for you to encounter side effects. When this occurs, just modify the dose accordingly. You can also discontinue use and try checking other products.

Bottom Line: Is Atro-Phex Safe and Effective?

Generally, this appears to be an excellent supplement regardless of some of its downsides. Just bear in mind that Atro-Phex is not ideal for everyone. For instance, it’s not for those who are sensitive to stimulants because Atro-Phex can cause jitters, fast heart rate, and extreme sweating, as well as sleep issues. If you’re one of these individuals, it’s best for you to search for other natural products for losing weight that does not contain any stimulants.

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