Review of Lipogenix Elite – The Most Powerful Fat-Melting Supplement

Review of Lipogenix Elite – The Most Powerful Fat-Melting Supplement

Lipogenix Elite Review

When you’re looking to burn the fat off, it isn’t as always easy as eating healthy and working out (and eating healthy and working out are hard enough as is!). When you supplement these healthy behaviors with Lipogenix Elite, though, change all of a sudden becomes possible, and soon, a reality. Lipogenix Elite is one of the best fat-burning supplements available on the market – researchers, athletes, bodybuilders, and those just looking to lose weight all agree. Why? Because finally, there’s a fat-burning supplement that works: Lipogenix Elite.

But how’s it work?


We’re glad you asked. When anyone tells you to expect wildly awesome results, you’d have to be crazy not to ask how.

Ever see those people at the gym sweating like pigs? You might think, “Thank God that’s not me – how embarrassing!” or “They must be so out of shape, dripping in sweat like that.” If you’ve had these thoughts, here’s the truth: you want to sweat like a pig. Sweating is an indication that your body is working hard and burning fat in that process. If sweating were all you needed, though, we’d just put you under a heat lamp. Here’s why sweating is a sign Lipogenix Elite is working.

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One word: Thermogenics


Thermogenics are substances that help heat up your body in order to burn even more calories more efficiently. With the thermogenics in Lipogenix Elite, your pounds are “melting” off! So, as we said, sweat is something you should want.

Lipogenix Elite gets this temperature rise going in your body so you can burn as much fat as possible in a shorter amount of time. You will be able to take full advantage of your workouts, much more than before. Lipogenix Elite gives you the extra boost you need to push through workouts, become stronger, and burn off that fat.

Thermogenics work thanks to stimulant-based fat burners in Lipogenix Elite. They help you use up more calories and also mobilize your fat cells. This allows your body to burn them up for energy while you exercise and throughout the day.

What ingredients make this happen?

So we’ve told you how it works and what’s happening, but what ingredients are behind that? We want to prove to you that our supplement works and that it is backed up with legitimate science and trustworthy, efficacious ingredients. Here are the top ingredients contained in Lipogenix Elite and how they work to burn off that unwanted fat.



Caffeine! It energizes you and gets you through long workdays, and it also really helps you out when you hit the gym. If you know much about fat-burning supplements, you probably know that most taut just how much caffeine they contain. Some contain so much they can hurt your heart or leave you jittery and anxious, but Lipogenix Elite has just enough caffeine to get you going, and it also triggers thermogenesis. Lipogenix Elite gives you the jolt of energy and the heat you need to take full advantage of time spent walking, running, lifting, or working out in any other way.



Synephrine works along with caffeine to stimulate your body’s ability to heat itself and in turn burn more calories. If you’ve ever heard of Ephedrine, you may know it comes along with some negative connotations. It was once a very potent fat-burning supplement, but eventually it was banned for its dangerous side effects. Synephrine is what researchers came up with next. It mimics the effects of Ephedrine, but it’s free of the unsafe side effects.



What a mouthful, right? But what glucuronolactone does for you is much easier to say. Glucuronolactone gives your body a boost by decreasing the pain and tiredness that so often forces you to quit working out. You also become more focused, feel an increase in stamina, and perform much better than without it. Working out shouldn’t have to be complete torture, and with caffeine and glucuronolactone, it becomes much easier to tackle, and maybe, even enjoy.

Phenylethylamine Hcl


The key reason we love Phenylethylamine Hcl is because it allows you to focus. If you’re like me, you know how hard it is to push through a workout when you don’t have a playlist to listen to, a podcast to laugh at, or a TV mounted on the wall. Even with distractions, it’s hard not to watch the minutes slowly slide by. When you take Phenylethylamine Hcl, though, you gain the ability to narrow your focus and take full advantage of your workout and weight loss.

Yohimbe Extract and Inositol Niacinate


Lipogenix Elite stimulates thermogenics, but it also jumpstarts vasodilation with vasodilators like Yohimbe Extract and Inositol Niacinate. Vasodilation is beloved in the supplements world because it increases the blood supply to key areas of the body thanks to the relaxation of blood vessels. Oxygen-rich blood can bathe the muscles and allow the body to send more nutrients their way. As your muscles begin to flourish, your fat cells are replaced by much healthier body mass. The more your muscles can work, the more fat you can burn.

So why is Lipogenix Elite right for me?

  • lipogenix-elite-ingredients-5-yohimbe-extractBecause you want to lose weight and get healthy.
  • Because it’s much healthier than a diet pill.
  • Because muscle is much better than fat.

Overall, Lipogenix Elite is going to make you a healthier and happier person. As one of the best fat-burning supplements on the market, it’s guaranteed to help you shave those pounds off in as little as two to four weeks with exercise.

Compared to diet pills, Lipogenix Elite is radically safer. Diet pills can ruin your digestive system, pushing food through too fast and not allowing any nutrients to be absorbed by your body. They suppress your diet so much your metabolism shuts down and your body fights back. You need food, and you need healthy digestion. Diet pills aren’t the answer to real, long-lasting weight loss. Lipogenix Elite on the other hand is. Lipogenix Elite is a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, and it allows you to maintain that healthy lifestyle at a healthier, lower weight.

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What results can customers really expect?

Typically weight loss becomes measurable within two to four weeks. The longer you use Lipogenix Elite, the better the results.

If you’re looking to lower your appetite to speed up weight loss, Lipogenix Elite works well when combined with another supplement called Garcinia X. It also works well with NitroGenix365, specifically in the process of replacing unwanted fat with healthy, strong muscle.

So should I buy it?

Our verdict: Absolutely.


If you’re afraid of sweating and you’re content using your belly as a plate, Lipogenix Elite isn’t for you. If you’re willing to do some exercise and take a supplement, though, you’re on your way. Lipogenix Elite is one of the best fat-burning supplements out there, and it’s proven its effectiveness with numerous happy customers ranging from those with terrible weight problems, bodybuilders looking to gain muscle, and athletes who want to work out harder and better.

Don’t do the yo-yo diet, sip on pseudoscientific juice cleanses, or take diet pills that ravage your body for little results. Take stock in a supplement and workout regime that really works. Lipogenix Elite works fast, but it’s also a long-lasting answer to how to stay at a healthy weight for good.

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