Reviewing the Product Qurb Shot

by Jessica Lakes

Introducing Qurb Shot

This weight loss supplement called Qurb Shot claims to be a cutting-edge formula that can help you shed pounds and trim down your waistline by only consuming 3 oz of it daily. Reportedly, while Qurb Shot is only 20 calories, it is filled with various components that allow you to consume less food every meal, as well as your repress your desire for foods between your primary meals. So, if you use this alongside regular workouts and proper nutrition, you’ll preview-full-20090614fitnesssurely see noticeable results. Plus, Qurb Shot can increase your energy levels as well.

With all these amazing health gains, Qurb Shot’s sweetness is brought by the inclusion of the natural sweetener Stevia. It doesn’t have any artificial colorings and gluten, thus, it is suitable even to those who practice vegan lifestyle.

To experience these benefits, you only need to drink a single, full bottle 30 minutes before eating your meal. This will help you control your food cravings and make you refuse to give in to the temptation of unhealthy snacking.

The question is – is it likely that you can lose weight with the help of supplements like Qurb Shot or is it another marketing hype with the purpose of misleading you? Let’s find out below.

What are the Components?

Dietary Fiber (Fibersol 2) 10g

Niacin 20mg

Vitamin B6 2mg

Vitamin B12 6mcg

Pantothenic Acid 10mcg

Chromium 12mcg

Sodium 15mg

Potassium 10mg

Green Coffee Bean Extract (Svetol) 400mg

Caffeine 50mg
preview-full-Diet-weight-loss-phentermine-diet-pills-12First is the Fibersol 2, which is a trademarked form of maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a soluble fiber that’s been shown to slow down that hunger you feel after a meal. It has also been illustrated to boost the hormones that control the feeling of fullness, the PYY and GLP-1. These hormones are released from the stomach that helps send the signals to your brain saying you’re satiated. Based on a study, the participants who ingested Fibersol® -2 reported feeling satiated for a longer period of time compared to those who did not.

Of course, caffeine can also help repress your food cravings, though the caffeine in Qurb Shot is not in significant quantity, so you may not encounter substantial control of appetite.

Lastly is the green coffee bean. Since it was featured on the Dr. Oz TV program, many companies have included it as an ingredient in their weight loss products. But the fact is, while there’s clinical proof that the chlorogenic acid green coffee bean has could stop glucose from going into the bloodstream, the research conducted was not 100 percent reliable. Apart from this, there is not sufficient clinical support indicating that the components in this product can help make you shed pounds.

Are there Adverse Reactions?

While the quality of Qurb Shot in terms of its efficiency in weight loss is dubious, it won’t do any serious harm when ingested and taken in by your body nonetheless. The reported minor side effect is stomach discomfort. It is also said that the niacin in its formula can trigger momentary skin redness.

As said earlier, the caffeine in Qurb Shot is not of significant amount. However, if you have high sensitivity to stimulants, this could trigger adverse reactions like being nauseous, jittery, and having sleeping problems.

Is Qurb Shot A Value for Money?

When ordering Qurb Shot, you will have these buying selections:

1 Case (12 three-ounce bottles): $29.99 plus $7.95 S&H

3 Cases: $59.99 plus $11.95 S&H

5 Cases: $89.99 plus $15.95 S&H

Regardless of what selection you go for, every order of the supplement provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, but this is only applicable if you’ve only consumed three bottles or less. If you have consumed more than three, you’re not eligible to have a refund.

Qurb Shot Competitors

As expected, there are many appetite-controlling supplements on the web, thousands of them even. The well-known brands are Lipozene, Aptulux, Slim Science and many more.

What we’re saying is that there are countless choices out there. These supplements also, most of the time, use the same components. If you’re focused on finding a product that concentrates on appetite suppression, more often than not the most common ingredient is a soluble dietary fiber.

The Efficiency of Qurb Shot

As to its effectiveness, consider the following factors:

The Components

The company behind Qurb Shot asserts that their components are thoroughly developed, but we don’t think this is the case. This is because when you compare the ingredients of Qurb Shot with other similar products, the components used are just the same.

Clinical Support

Still, it’s good that the manufacturer of Qurb Shot was able to give a clinical reference to back up their claims. On the other hand, showing a bunch of clinical studies does not substantially mean that it’s for real.

Moreover, even if a specific component is demonstrated to be working while being tested in the laboratory, it does not automatically mean that it would work when used to people.

Weight Loss Fact

In actuality, the only method that works when it comes to shedding pounds is through proper nutrition and regular exercise. Besides, after losing weight you also need to maintain it, to make it permanent, and only healthy diet and workouts can help you with this.

What’s good to the company that made Qurb Shot is that they mentioned the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise on their official site. It somehow indicates that by using Qurb Shot, you’re able to increase your chances of losing weight because you lower your calorie intake. Nonetheless, this point was not clearly pointed out. What could be the reason behind this?

Based on the components, we believe Qurb Shot won’t do any significant results as far as weight loss is concerned. Thus, it is not a value for money. You can just use your hard-earned money to hire a personal trainer or a nutritionist instead.

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