Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Pre-Kaged

by Jessica Lakes

About Pre-Kaged

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, an athlete or a bodybuilder, surely your body requires extra energy and stamina to help you with your intense training. Luckily, there’s Pre-Kaged available in the market.

preview-lightbox-bodyweight2x1notext-1478622309621_largeThis particular item is a pre-workout product that mixes aspects of pre-workout, post-workout, and intra-workout supplements. It consists of BCAAs, Carnosyn, Betaine, Creatine, stimulants, and nootropics so that you feel an intense surge of energy and a remarkable mental focus. Pre-Kaged is created by the company Kaged Muscle. The supplement’s manufacturer asserts that their supplement is one of the best pre-workout supplements you can ever found out there.

If you’re familiar with our product evaluations, you would know that we criticize many products for not having the sufficient quantity of components for these to be efficient all the time. But with Pre-Kaged, we’ve come to find out that its dosing is the nearest thing to being precise, which makes this product quite remarkable. Read on to know more about this supplement:

Getting to Know Pre-Kaged More

It is important for us to teach our readers to be wary of the caffeine quantity pre-workout supplements and even fat burners contain. As for Pre-Kaged, it has 274mg of caffeine, which can be synonymous to consuming 4-5 cups of brewed coffee. If you think that’s something you cannot handle, then you can adjust your dose of Pre-Kaged depending on how tolerant you are to caffeine.

Pre-Kaged Consumers

Usually, pre-workout products are consumed by those people who want to boost their physical and mental performance. But with Pre-Kaged’s effectiveness in delivering positive results, it would appear that many customers want to check this out since it is known for its 3 functions like you’re using 3 different products while only paying for a single product.

Does Pre-Kaged Work?

preview-lightbox-shutterstock_270033200As mentioned, the ingredient profile of Pre-Kaged is impressive. But it’s not still flawless, since there’s no such thing as perfection in the nutritional supplement industry. In this page, we’re going to measure Pre-Kaged with other great muscle-developing products to further witness its efficacy.

Essentially, the primary component in Pre-Kaged is L-Citrulline (6 grams), which is incredible if you think about it. On the other hand, L-Arginine is a better choice when it comes to improvement of the lean muscle mass. This is because L-Arginine has demonstrated greater outcome in studies and trials, while L-Citrulline is just a precursor of the aforementioned. Plus, L-Citrulline has to undergo conversion in the kidneys to L-Arginine, slowing down the benefits to manifest.

The best thing about this particular supplement is its other content, which are: BCAA (6.5 grams total), Carnosyn 1.6grams, Betaine 2 grams, and 1.5 grams of CreatineHCl. The said components are fundamentally what other great workout products contain and since Pre-Kaged has more than one function, it’s like you’re getting your supplement at a lower price with just a single supplement. Pre-Kaged costs $36.97 for 20 servings. Furthermore, the supplement’s pricing is similar to other pre-workout supplements, but since you’re getting more from this, the price is better than reasonable. If you think about it, the ingredients in Pre-Kaged are worth 2-3 times its cost.

What’s the Final Verdict?

Considering all the positive factors we have learned about Pre-Kaged, it really is the kind of pre-workout supplement that is a must-try. Its customer reception also testifies to its efficiency. In a review aggregate site, it is rated 9.4 out of 10, which is a pretty great score. On the other hand, if your main focus is muscle building, Pre-Kaged doesn’t have everything for muscle-growth functions and purposes.

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